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Off topic a previwe of my newest story, Battle Cry

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Off topic a previwe of my newest story, Battle Cry Empty Off topic a previwe of my newest story, Battle Cry

Post by Foxeh on Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:29 pm

Chris flopped onto the couch in a haze. “What the hell just happened?” he whispered. Had it all been just a dream? Was it possible for it to be so vivid? He pulled his pillow up to his chest and snuggled it tightly while pondering this. One day....fifteen and a half hours and James would be here. It dawned on him at that moment. “James, will be here...HOLY CRAP THE HOUSE IS A MESS!” Chris yelped this sudden realization before springing into action and resetting the couch. After a few seconds of frantic searching Chris remembered cleaning the house meticulously not hours ago. “damn I'm a mess...” he muttered as he sat back down. Chris sighed and walked into the bedroom flopping onto the bed for the night.

James meanwhile hurled his duffel bag into the back of a large truck before hopping in after it. It wouldn't be too long now and he'd be home. His thoughts turned back to his mutt and he sighed dreamily as he thought of, not Chris, but his cooking. His tongue lolled out of his muzzle only to be grabbed by Jeff and pulled playfully. “Keep it together Jimmy.” the mongoose said in a joking manner. “I know you miss him but damn you can't just drool all over the place.” he added with a grin. James gave a playful growl and nommed Jeff's handpaw earning a surprised 'erph' from the startled mongoose.

It took no more than fifteen minutes for Sarge, Jeff and James to load up and hop into the truck. As the engine began to rev to life James saw the one thing he dreaded most on a dune overlooking the camp. A small flash gleamed for half a second. The telltale whistle of a shell came to their ears as chills rushed down James' spine. He reached for his rifle as someone cried out. The explosion registered first, the truck rolled four times and stopped on it's side. James reacted first helping Sarge pull an unconscious Jeff from the wreckage.

Gunfire replaced the ringing in James' ears as he ran up the dune with the rest of his scrambling outfit. They reached the top and were greeted with more than they expected. From the side a single soldier charged James. As the figure neared him he swung his gun knocking the man to the ground and knocking his hood off. The figure landed and James took aim and prepared to pull the trigger. The slightest hesitation hit, the figure was a canine, a silvery wolf patter adorning his face and sheltering a familiar set of pale blue eyes. “Chris....” Jame whispered. The downed canine used the hesitation and drew his pistol up letting off one round into James' shoulder.

“James!” Jeff cried out as the shepherd hit the sand. His legs were still shaking from the truck rolling but he got to the top of the dune just before the wolf took his aim again for James' head. Jeff's gun fired once and the wolf's hand shook for a second before falling limp and hitting the ground. Jeff took one look in the wolf's now glossing eyes and realized why James had hesitated. He didn't have long to think on this but he dropped to the ground and turned his voice to the remains of their camp. “Medic!” he screamed as a weak groan came from James.

His shoulder hurt and his body was getting cold. “Chris...” he whispered as darkness overthrew his mind.


Jeff sat in a chair outside a room with a red light above it. The light illuminated a few small letters which Jeff couldn't seem to stop staring at. “I.C.U.” James had lost a lot of blood and was in shock when they had arrived. Jeff himself had to have part of his forehead shaved and two stitches where put into a laceration above his right eye. Still Jeff couldn't bring himself to do anything. He was hungry, thirsty, tired and in pain from a cracked rib but still he sat in the chair staring at a phone on the table across from him and waiting for news.

His nerve finally broke and he stood and slowly walked over, taking a seat next to the phone as he lifted the receiver and held it to his ear. He dialed the top number on the list next to the phone that had the word 'Operator' next to it and waited. Finally a voice came over the line and said, “Operator how may I direct your call?” Jeff gulped before replying.

“I need to contact the next of kin for a buddy of mine in my outfit.” He said shakily.

“I'll need the state, city and phone number of the person you wish to reach, or the name of the person you wish to reach.” the operator replied.

“Uh....alright, Missouri, Saint Louis, 555-6743.” Jeff said as another gurney went into the swinging double doors. The line hummed for a second before it rang. On the third ring a click came through as Chris picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Chris said as he pulled on a jacket.

“Chris....it's Jeff.” the mongoose said.

“Oh hey Jeff I was just about to head out to the airport to pick up Jimmy.” Chris said as his tail wagged at the thought of his mate finally returning home.

“Listen Chris...About James.....I'm sorry....” Jeff said as a tear began to make it's way through his cheek fur.

Chris' blood ran cold as a nightmarish feeling rocketed through his body. “not again...” Chris whispered as he slowly sank to the floor. His nightmare was coming true all over again. He knew in the back of his mind that James was dead.

“I...I couldn't protect him.” jeff said as another tear fell from his other eye and joined the first in dampening his cheeks. “The enemy snuck up on us, they launched a mortar and took out our truck. I was unconscious and Jeff took off up the dune. Chris...he was shot.” Jeff said as one by one tears slid down his cheeks.

“He's......no...” Chris whispered.

The doors to the ICU opened and a single figure stepped through. “Jeff?” Jeff's attention was drawn back to the world and he looked up at the doctor show stood before him. “James has one wound to his shoulder. He bled out pretty bad but we've got the bullet out and he should recover. For now he's coming back around to stable and when he is you two will be shipped home. To finish up whatever treatment is needed.” The doctor explained. Jeff sighed softly and nodded to the doctor.

“Thanks doc.” he said readjusting the phone. “Chris...he's going to be ok....” Jeff said quietly.

Chris' ears perked and he wiped the tears from his eyes. “I thought you said...”

“He was shot, yes. In the shoulder. They're stabilizing him right now. Chris I'm so sorry I couldn't get to him in time.” Jeff whispered as his eyes watered again.

It took Chris a second but he sighed in relief and shook his head. “Don't be Jeff. As long as he's going to be alright I'm sure you did everything you could.” Chris said in a quiet tone, afraid his voice would crack. “When are you two going to be home?” Chris asked as he slipped out of his jacket.

“Doc, When are they doing to ship us out?” Jeff asked looking back up to the doctor.

“We're being swamped and we can't hold anyone overnight unless they're critical. James will be held for an hour or so after the bleeding stops and we'll med-evac him tonight. With any luck you two should be home in a day or so.” The doctor replied as he opened the door to the ICU again.

“They're saying a day or two.” Jeff relayed into the receiver.

Chris leaned his head back against the table behind him and sighed. “Only a day” he thought. “Alright Jeff, you tell Jimmy to call me the second he can talk. I can't take anymore of this stress.” Chris said shaking his head a little.

Jeff finally smiled slightly and gave a small chuckle. “Will do Chris.” he said softly. “I'll talk to you again soon puppy.” he added.

“I told you not to call me that you silly 'goose.” Chris said as his ears splayed a bit. Both males smiled at the recollection of their childhood nicknames. “I'll see you soon Jeff.” he whispered as he set the receiver back onto the phone and sighed.

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