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Garasu's Items

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Garasu's Items Empty Garasu's Items

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:14 pm

Hidden in pouches on the inside of his sash, Garasu always carries X amount of:
-Smoke Bombs
-Explosive Tags
-Flash Tags
-Spherical light devices, encased in clear glass (which can shoot out harsh beams of white light upon activation, via a handseal)


Name of Weapon or Item: Glass Orb

Location: Wherever Garasu wants it to be - sometimes he chooses to let it levitate near him - but generally on his back, for storage.

Description: An Orb, made completely of glass. But this is not normal glass – it is packed at a nanomolecular level, making it nearly indestructible by normal means. The Orb is about 1.5 feet in radius, making it rather large, and is filled with shards of glass – small shards, large shards, any kind of shard you could think of. However, the size and shape of each shard is quite irrelevant, as Garasu melts and manipulates the form of the glass quite regularly.

The superfortified glass, which is not broken easily, encloses the Orb, so only Garasu can access its by melting a part of it using his Glass Jutsu, creating an opening in the Orb’s surface.

Owner: Garasu Sunakorosu

Rank: S/A

History: Ever since Garasu has been using Glass Jutsu (under the guidance of his former teacher Ayr), he has needed a place to store it. So in the early days, before he and the other Sunakorosu siblings left their village, he found a way to store his glass through this Orb.

Garasu's Items Lsa-orb-vase-15cm


Name of Weapon or Item: Shimasugan Vial

Location: Around Garasu’s neck, at all times.

Description: A vial of blood that Garasu always keeps handy, so that if a drop of blood is needed for the Shimasugan, he has direct access rather than cutting himself, which takes longer and is more self-damaging. Note that the glass which the vial is made from is superfortified (packed on a nanomolecular level), like all his pre-prepared glass.

Owner: Garasu Sunakorosu

Rank: D-S - a vial of blood means nothing on its own.

History: Ever since Garasu fell to the Shimasugan’s corruptive influence, he has taken to carrying this around. Although in recent days he has generally eschewed using the Shimasugan, he has still not dropped the habit of carrying this vial.

Garasu's Items Il_fullxfull.124761756


Name of Weapon or Item: Chakra Jacket

Location: Garasu always wears it, except sometimes at night or when he is too far indoors for the jacket to work.

Description: A jacket which converts the Sun’s energy into Chakra all the time, and stores it. It can also store Chakra it is imbued with. The user can tap into this Chakra whenever they need it, as a constant stream of Chakra that can be opened and closed by the user. However, the Chakra is quite weak, and is only a small boost.

Owner: Garasu Sunakorosu

Rank: B

History: In his Jounin days, Garasu realised that Sunagakure was so subjected to the Sun, if someone found a way to utilise the its energy, they would have a Chakra advantage over other nin. He designed this jacket shortly after.

Garasu's Items 341_B
The outer jacket depicted here.

Last edited by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:53 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Adding the Chakra Jacket.)
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Garasu's Items Empty Re: Garasu's Items

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:16 pm


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