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Tishuto Clan

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Tishuto Clan

Post by Nasamea on Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:55 pm

Name: Tishuto

Founder: Eiji Tishuto

Location: Scattered in small groups around the countries

History: After the third ninja war and the countries still in turmoil, one small tribe in the Marsh country happened to be spared by this darkness as it lay untouched. Many individuals of the tribe believed this was because Tentei, their God, whom kept their home and people safe. This tribe, a group with very diverse people from different lands, was known as the Tishuto clan. In the beginning, Eiji Tishuto had settled in the land of Numa no Kumi, later bringing a few other rogue clan members with him. The people of the land let them live there and some even joined their clan as Eiji spread his teachings of the loyal and peaceful ruler, Tentai. Just as promised, happiness and peace did spread across the land and the small village began to become livelier again. The war itself was used as a rather big example when Eiji was giving his teachings; persuading a lot of people to believe in the being he called ‘the creator’.

Over time, more and more followers began to join the tribe, changing their last names to ‘Tishuto’ as a form of respect to their teacher, Eiji. The peace over the village was rather short lived though due to the assassination plan the main villages created to kill and capture their runaway ninja to join this tribe. Eiji had told his people this was Tentei’s challenge to see if they were loyal to him and to stand together as they prepared to fight for their lives. 5,000 were slaughtered in one night, causing those who were left to flee for their lives. Eiji stayed, not willing to give up what all he had gained before he was taken by ANBU for interrogation and never seen again. From that day on, no one is aware of what happened to Eiji and if he were still alive.

Although the clan became very small, those who fled scattered across the land in search for a place to call home. It wasn’t uncommon for some to be captured or killed at the mentioning of their tribe/clan name but those whom actually came from or were born in Numa no Kuni were normally left untouched. It was mainly the missing nin the people were worried about, but as they learned of Eiji’s goals they began to leave alone the innocents and only focused on who they knew were missing nin. From then on, the clan had lived separated like this until roughly over 30 years later. Some began to join Konoha, trying to stay alive as their home was constantly destroyed by different forces. Their belief in Tentei remained though as they felt it was the people of Konoha were hurting themselves, that if they would believe in the ruler of all Tentei then they would see grace as well. Although the ‘Night of Blood’ had occurred, those whom survived dubbed themselves as chosen ones whom were sent to spread the word of Tentei in hopes of saving the world from evil and it’s minions.

In present times, the clan mostly lives scattered throughout the ninja world; living in small branches of families rather than with major households. Currently, there is no official clan leader and thus come and goes as they please; unless serving the leader they decide to follow. As for the religion, very few still follow the ways of Eiji and Tentei, however there are still those whom believe in these older teachings and continue to follow them. As for spreading them, the clan decided to keep the religion mostly a secret.

Special Info:
Kekkei Genkai: None
Common Traits within Clan Members: Black hair and green or onyx eyes, however clan comes in all forms, shapes, and colors.

Other: Majority of the clan are known for being rather advanced trackers and are usually in tune with their senses; the reason they are usually hired to be mercenaries. This does not mean that all members are required to have these skills. Besides being mercenaries, ninja, preachers, etc; members of this clan are also known for growing tea crops and harvesting them to trade at local markets in order to make money. This made them well known farmers amongst the various other things.

Clan Techniques

Clan Symbol

Religious Symbol

Requirements: To become a part of this clan members are usually born or married into it. In the past, members who adjusted to the clan customs were welcomed into it however this is considered rare due to lacking a true leader.

Current Members:
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Re: Tishuto Clan

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:44 am

Garasu Sunakorosu
Garasu Sunakorosu

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