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Nasamea Tishuto [Takigakure / Missing-nin] [WIP]

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Nasamea Tishuto [Takigakure / Missing-nin] [WIP] Empty Nasamea Tishuto [Takigakure / Missing-nin] [WIP]

Post by Nasamea on Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:52 pm

Name: Nasamea Tishuto
Nickname/Alias: Burning Will, The Fire Mistress

Age: 22
Age Appearance: 21


Younger Years
Nasamea Tishuto [Takigakure / Missing-nin] [WIP] Nasapss

Nasamea Tishuto [Takigakure / Missing-nin] [WIP] Anime5-18

Gender: Female

Rank: S
Ninja Rank: Missing-Nin

Village: Takigakure
Birthplace: Konohagakure
Previous Village: -

Clan/Bloodline: Tishuto / None

Personality: Nasamea is her own individual with a rather unique personality. In her past she used to be a very social girl with a large group of friends and a smile on her face. However, through the turn of events she has grown quieter and has become an introvert whom has trust issues.

Internally she is a very complex woman who holds many secrets. It is rare she gets close to anyone

Goals: To become stronger and carry out the duties of her master
Alignment: Nuetral

Canon Personality: -

Child Arc
In the village of Konohagakure, a small cry was heard from the hospital as a newborn baby girl was soon born. The girl’s mother was a flower shop owner who sold common to even rare breeds of plants while also maintaining a job at the local hospital as a medical ninja. On the other hand there was her father, a Tishuto, was a well known Jounin and sometimes a preacher of the Tishuto faith. This child’s name was Nasamea, the name of her father’s grandmother; a well known Preacher of the Tishuto clans religion.

Since Nasamea’s birth her parents have tried as hard as they could to raise her themselves while maintaining their shifts. Her mother hired a few more workers for her flower shop, training a new manager so that she could stay at home. Then she would work the night shift at the hospital. During this time, her father would be home to care for her since most of his duties were in the day. This meant that Nasamea was able to spend time with both of her parents as a toddler.

Around the age of 3 she already knew how to walk and say sentences due to the long hours spent with her parents teaching her. They both wished for her to grow and learn as much as she could as quickly as possible. Since she was a child and her parents were well known for their positions in the work force, and military, they felt this meant she could face threats down the road. Whether this was true or not they wanted her to be ready as soon as possible.

Every day she would spend time with her mother learning the basics of reading, writing, math, and more. Nasamea learned fast for her age, becoming academy student level way before it was even time for her to attend the academy. Her mother tended to begin teaching her about the basics of chakra, elements, etc while her father was the one to usually finish the teaching and quiz her. Sometimes her mother would quiz her to and when her and her father were off they would reward her; that is, if she succeeded. Although Nasamea’s mother was around the most, since her father was around when she was asleep, she loved them both the same.

As the time for her to attend the academy drew near she already knew quite a bit of the basics and even began to pick up on how to use basic weapons such as kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, etc. She knew quite a bit about the ‘ways of the ninja’ and with her determination and ability to pick up on keen detail; her parents knew she would turn into a phenomenal ninja.

Academy Arc

During the academy years she had made quite a few friends, getting along with the good majority. She was a rather smart child, earning good grades when it came to written parts and always stepping up to the plate when it came to practicing weapons, performing basic jutsu, etc. However, halfway through her academy ‘career’ she slightly began to change. Reverting from an extrovert to an introvert slowly but surely, a rather odd thing to majority due to the fact she went from the leader to the shadow. Due to this, she went from roughly have majority of friends to a small group. Oblivious to the situation, all her friends could do was wonder just what was wrong with her; if something was bugging her.

There was one friend whom knew about what was making her change. At home, her parents began to fight a bit about matters that Nasamea was not aware of. Apparently it had something to do with her father’s brother, or her uncle. A while back, a few weeks after Nasamea joined the academy, her uncle had stopped by in the evening when she was about to go to bed to talk to her parents. All she could remember was peeking through her door and listening to her uncle and father as they began to throw a few words back and forth about Tentei and religion. She remembered her uncle raising his voice before her father told him to settle because of Nasamea trying to rest. Later, her uncle was casted out as her father merely let out a sigh and walked off.

It was like this for a while, her father and mother discussing her uncle whom who would drop angry letters. At one point he even threatened to hurt Nasamea herself, but it was an empty threat. That is, until a night after graduation.

Genin Arc
After graduation night, Nasamea and her parents went out to celebrate at her favorite diner. All seemed fine and dandy until that night. Once again, as she was about to go to sleep she was awakened by the sound of a door slamming against the wall. It was their front door and little did she know it was her uncle who entered. She heard her father trying to talk to him, her mother in the background speaking quietly to her father. Her uncle was drunk, his words slurred and his voice rising up and down. Nasamea watched from behind the door again as the man would nearly stumble on himself before finally her father went over to him. Her uncle threatened him with a knife and although her father deflected it, it wasn’t long until they began to fight. Out of confusion she stared as they fought, her mother pleading they stop before her subdued him and kicked him out. They were safe for the night, but tomorrow would be different.

Before she even had the chance to be placed in a team, the next night since her uncle originally appeared, he came back. Except this time he was sober and even more deadly due to his skill and ill intent. Sneaking into their humble abode, his uncle proceeded to attack Nasamea’s mother, awakening her and her father. He father rushed to the scene to find his wife killed as Nasamea peered through the door once more. She saw her mother on the ground, blood covering her, while her father and uncle fought once more. She watched the horror as her father was stabbed, causing Nasamea to run out to try and defend her father. Her uncle had just turned away from the scene to only turn back towards her as she ran to attack him. Tears filled her eyes as she grabbed a knife stuck in her mother. Her uncle was prepared to kill her, however as he took a step towards her, he tripped. Thus, she accidentally stabbed the knife into him as he fell on it. She herself jumped back to dodge his falling body before she realized what had happened.

Hurrying to her room, tears streaming from her eyes, she quickly packed a bag of clothes and her ninja gear. She placed the new scroll, filled with Tishuto jutsu, inside and strapped her new black and red katana to her back; given to her by her father. From there she strapped the bag on before fleeing, running as fast as she could from the scene and Konohagakure.
Sneaking past the guards, she was somehow not spotted by ANBU as she snuck out of the village gates. Plenty thought it was impossible but she had managed to find a way out as she fled into the forest. She ran until she was too tired to, her body dropping that night along the path as she lied curled in a ball. When morning came she was found asleep and dew covered by a merchant traveling from a small village to Konoha by horse and buggy. He woke her up before asking her what she was doing out there. Nasamea didn’t tell him much, lying that she was confused as to where she was. As the merchant asked if he could take her to Konoha for help, she declined and asked if he had any food. Lucky for her, she wasn’t wearing her headband, and he was a kind man. Giving her food, they made a fire and ate before separating paths. At least she had a filled stomach, a bit of rest, and was dry from the night.

Walking on and on, she soon decided to just live in the forest. She knew how to make fire, considering it was her element, and was able to fasten together leaves for a tent. To her surprise, ANBU never seemed to come after her, which puzzled her a bit.

Exam Arc

Missing Arc

RP Sample:
The slumbering village of Konoha, nestled in the center of a vast green forest and guarded by its great stone walls, began to awaken as the sun’s light peeked over the horizon. Tsuki-Yomi bowed down before his sister Amaterasu before waving goodbye, allowing the full day to soon come while he plagued the other half of the world in light darkness. Native birds began to spread their wings and take flight into the vast skies, soaring high and low as they soon gathered in flocks to sing. The choirs could be heard throughout the village as they began to settle in the bloomed cherry blossom trees; the petals burning like fire as the sun’s rays just began to lightly touch them with its warmth. Little eyes began to open throughout the village, whether human or animal it did not matter as the barren streets began to slowly fill with individuals big and small. Some ran to their destinations while others simply let out tired yawns, taking their good old time and enjoying the sweet smell of the morning air.

Now it was time for Fujin to awaken as his small breaths began to become yawns, causing soft winds to scatter the sweet scent of the cherry blossom trees and food throughout the streets and alleyways. It was then Fujin took Yaya-Zakura by the hand and began to dance, causing the cherry blossom trees to let go of the petals and follow suit. Now, laughs and voices could be heard from the people besides their faint yawns. Dawn had finally come, and Amaterasu reigned.

The sun ray’s stretched further out then what was contained in Konoha’s gleaming walls, giving Nasamea more visibility then what she had all night in the forest. Fujin’s power was soon felt, launching a good breeze in her direction and giving her the scent of cherry blossoms; signaling just how close to Konoha she was.

At the gates, the night guard let out deep yawns as they paced off, allowing the day shift to take control as they patrolled the borders. “Come on Isoto, wakey wakey,” one of the two men said before taking out his binoculars and peering over the vast landscape. The other man, otherwise known as Isoto, groaned as a magazine lay over his head. The first man sighed, dropping the binoculars before picking up the magazine, Isoto’s eye immediately opening. He closed it with a sigh, sitting forward from his comfortable leaning position to peer out through the window. “Come on Aidou, I had a long night, and besides, look how peaceful everything is, not a soul in sight,” Isoto complained. Aidou let out a gleeful laugh, making his blonde bangs bounce, “Awww poor little Isoto had too much fun with his lady friends and uncle Sake.” Isoto glared at him before standing up and attempting to grab Aidou in a noogie, lucky Aidou, he had better reflexes. Seeing how he missed the first time, Isoto’s sigh admitted his defeat as he plumped back into his wooden chair. Aidou let out a chuckle before putting the binoculars to his face again, his smile soon dying out before his mouth hung. “I…i…Isoto…. L…look,” he stuttered before shoving the binoculars in Isoto’s face, causing him to grunt. “Watch it Aidou jeez, you do this every morning,” Isoto gripped before placing the binoculars to his face as well, a smile creeping across his face.

Nasamea’s foot lightly landed on the ground, her black cloak falling smoothly to her sides before she peered up at Konoha’s gates. “When you enter, simply say Code Oblivion and they will let you in,” the woman’s thoughts repeated in Nasamea’s mind before she took a step forward, walking towards the gate. Beneath her cloak, her hand tapped the hilt of her katana, checking it like she always had before doing something that may require combat. She wasn’t in the mind of the Hokage, she didn’t know what the Hokage had planned. For all she knew, Code Oblivion was a signal for them to attack. However, if they did attack she would simply knock them unconscious or place them in a genjutsu before getting away.

Stepping up to the gates, Aidou and Isoto moved into position to open the doors and speak with Nasamea. Isoto stood at the lever, nodding at Aidou before Aidou turned to the intercom and pressed a button. Nasamea stepped up, she could easily just make a way into the gates but it was best to keep her power to herself for the time being. Suddenly, the speaker by the gate fizzled before Aidou’s melody of a voice was heard, “Greetings and welcome, may I ask why you are here? Nasamea stared at it before approaching the speaker, if they did not know already then they were about to find out the gender of who was beneath the black cloak. “I was told to say Code Oblivion,” she said cautiously, listening for anything as a sudden silence soon filled the air. Not even the birds chirped in the background due to Nasamea’s sudden fight with Fujin’s wind before she slowed down to a stop.

OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR-oeyudqPY

Suddenly the gates snapped before the old rusty chains rubbed together, causing the doors to come to life as they moved open. Nasamea watched with her usual dead expression, her green hues barely peering out beneath the cloak as Aidou stood in the center of the gate. His hand rested on his hip, a smile on his face as Konoha lay just before him. He held out a hand beckoning her forth and she stared cautiously, prepared to strike at any given moment no matter how safe it actually felt.

Aidou held out his arms, welcoming her as Isoto suddenly dropped down beside him from where he stood. “Welcome to Konoha Nasamea Tishuto, the Hokage has requested you go straight to the office. It’s just-“ ”I know where it is,” she rudely interrupted, causing Aidou’s cheerful expression to break for a moment as he stared. Isoto studied Nasamea from behind, her head lifting slightly to look at him in the eyes. Her green hues met his brown for a long pause before he smiled and let out a deep laugh, causing Aidou to look back in confusion before Nasamea walked right past them both. Isoto’s laugh slightly died as she passed by and continued into Konoha. Aidou scratched his head as he watched her go, “What was that about Isoto?” Isoto’s smile still remained before he crossed his muscular arms, Isoto looked massive compared to Aidou’s slim body, making them a rather odd pair. “Her gaze, the fire in her eyes, something about that woman made me want to laugh. She sure seems like a force to be reckoned with.” Aidou glanced back, giving Isoto an odd expression, “You can tell just by a gaze?” Isoto sighed and shook his head before disappearing and reappearing back in his chair. Aidou looked at him before looking at where Nasamea had left, scratching his head as the gates began to close.

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