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Ato Usagi, Master of the Burrow (Kabun Zetsumei)

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Ato Usagi, Master of the Burrow (Kabun Zetsumei)

Post by Blue-Eyed Devil on Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:59 pm

Summoned Creature: Ato Usagi, Master of the Burrow.


Description: Ato is an old, scarred rabbit that Kabun will summon if he has need of a partner in battle. While jumpy and cantankerous, Ato is a well accomplished warrior and capable of using Fuuton ninjutsu. He and Kabun have even combined their elements for an attack, although they are still working on that aspect of training. He carries a two handed sword (pictured above) with him at all times and despite his frail appearance he can swing it quickly and with strength and is proficient with many other weapons.

Weakness: While strong and quick, Ato is not able to take hits very well and two or three good strikes will force him to be dismissed so he can recuperate.

Fuuton Techniques:
Name of Jutsu: Fuuton Ken (Wind Blade)
Rank: C
Range: Close
Type of Jutsu: Ninjutsu
Users: Several
Element Affinity: Fuuton
Training Link: N/A

Description: Channelling Fuuton chakra down the weapon, the user drastically improves the cutting power of that weapon, making it capable of even cutting cleanly through a tree, no matter how dull the weapon was.

Weakness: If the jutsu's chakra source is not regulated properly, then the technique will deactivate.

Name of Jutsu: Tannaru Boushi Ken (Sheer Spinning Blade)
Rank: C
Range: Close-Mid
Type of Jutsu: Ninjutsu
Users: Ato Usagi
Element Affinity: Fuuton
Training Link: N/A

Description: Using the element of wind, the user spins themselves at high speed, becoming a small tornado. Any incoming attacks are deflected and nearby enemies are forced back by the strong wind. The user can also attack in close combat with their weapon while using this technique, knocking their enemies off balance, ending a weapon deadlock ect. In addition, multiple weapons can be thrown at opponents, such as kunai and shuriken, while infusing them with wind chakra, temporarily increasing their cutting power until they run out of momentum. This is a good defense and attack against a mass of enemies.

Weakness: Spinning so fast obviously impairs a persons’ ability to see, making it hard to spot opponents. This is not as accurate as a normal attack, but its speed makes it hard to avoid when it hits and is best used in short bursts to avoid extreme dizziness and nausea. Katon techniques are unaffected.

Name of Jutsu: Koku Fuuton Bakuha (Cutting Wind Blast)
Rank: C
Range: Mid-Far
Type of Jutsu: Ninjutsu
Users: Ato Usagi
Element Affinity: Fuuton
Training Link: N/A

Description: By building up Fuuton chakra in their weapon, the user can emit blasts of wind chakra at their opponents with each swing of their weapon. Each ball of wind energy explodes in a blast of air, cutting the target with hundreds of small cuts, knocking them down and potential disarming them in the process. The longer the user builds up chakra, the bigger the wind blast will be and the more damaging the cuts. This jutsu is mainly used as a way to quickly distract an opponent and create an opening for a close quarter attack.

Weakness: Smaller wind blasts can be dodged easily, while the bigger ones use more chakra and take longer to ‘charge up’. While doing this, the shinobi is left open to attack, as they cannot use any other jutsu while 'charging' and it requires a large amount of focus. Only a very talented ninja can fight while building up energy for the larger wind blasts of this technique.

Weaponry Techniques:
Name of Jutsu: Usagi Tai (Rabbit Form)
Rank: B
Range: Close
Type of Jutsu: Kenjutsu
Users: Ato Usagi
Element Affinity: N/A
Training Link: N/A

Description: While using this form of sword fighting, Ato's speed is increased. Keeping low at all times, Ato launches towards the foe on all fours (three technically, with one hand holding his sword), becoming exceedingly difficult to hit from afar and quickly closing with the target. When close enough, Ato strikes fast, purposely aiming a little off from the foe to get him ducking and weaving to avoid him, not giving the opponent a moment's respite to counter. Then, Ato kicks out while swinging his sword, catching the foe with one strike or another.

Weakness: Although Ato's speed is increased while using this form, his strength is decreased as a result, since the speed of which he swings his large sword tires the old rabbit out quickly. In addition, Ato can only hold this form for three posts for the same reason.

Combined Jutsu:
Name of Jutsu: Arashi Reppuu (Storm Gale)
Rank: A
Range: Mid-Far
Type of Jutsu: Combined Ninjutsu
Users: Ato Usagi and Kabun Zetsumei
Element Affinity: Raiton, Fuuton
Training Link: N/A

Description: Combining their elements together, Ato and Kabun create a viscous lightning storm around them. Ato's Fuuton directs Kabun's Raiton in circular motions around a large area, heating up the area inside considerably while the lightning strikes inside and out and a heavy wind pushes everything inside around like a ragdoll. Ato and Kabun are protected from the heat, powerful wind and crackling electricity by a small protective 'bubble' of air.

Weakness: This is a brief technique, lasting only for one post. To protect them from their own destructive jutsu, Ato forms a small bubble. If Ato is hurt badly enough to be automatically dismissed, Kabun will be just as exposed to the technique as the foe, although with Ato gone the gale will die down and cancel the technique.
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Re: Ato Usagi, Master of the Burrow (Kabun Zetsumei)

Post by Nasamea on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:09 pm

First off, although sorry it hasn't been officially stated yet, you have to rp going to the Summoning village to learn everything you need to know about gaining a summoning.

Tannaru Boushi Ken (Sheer Spinning Blade)
Seems like it would only be close range because mid is considered up to 10 meters/30 ft. If the winds did reach this far, this is a lot of chakra and thus would be B - A rank.

Koku Fuuton Bakuha (Cutting WInd Blast)
If you are making an orb and casting it at the opponent it should be A-rank; especially since it's Mid-Far.

Usagi Tai (Rabbit Form)
Bare in mind that it mainly depends on range and the speed of the other opponent on whether you will be able to hit without them countering or being able to defend themselves. By dodging and weaving, the opponent could legitimately catch on after a while and possibly make an appropriate counter; otherwise it is god modding to get an automatic hit. I'm pretty positive that you already know this but it's my job to re-state this.

Arashi Reppuu (Storm Gale)
This sounds more like an S-rank move considering the fact that not only are you both utilizing your elements to combine moves in a large range but are also creating the 'bubble' around you; concentration, chakra control, and amount of chakra usage all come into play and it sounds as though there's quite a bit needed.

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