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Akuma Tategami

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Akuma Tategami

Post by Akuma on Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:43 pm

Akuma Tategami


Age Appearance:




Ninja Rank:



Akuma is an unstable individual and is treated with mistrust by the civilians and shinobi of Kiri. He is quick to anger and will go into a rage if anyone calls him a failure. He is driven by survival and will do anything to ensure he survives. He is often found talking to his sword witch he calls Taka.

To survive.


Born and raised in Kirigakure, Akuma was born into a poor family and was forced by his father to train as a shinobi. During his first years at the Academy he was an average student, he never particularly stood out in any of his classes. Until his father died in a covert action against a terrorist cell operating out of Kiri. After the funeral Akuma was driven by his father's failure to survive. He strove to become a better shinobi than his father. His life began to revolve around training, when one of his teachers found him passed out on the training ground he asked, "Why push yourself so far?" he answered simply "To survive".

After becoming a Genin he was sent on a mission to protect a merchant. During this mission he attacked by several bandits and the merchant was knocked unconcious. When he came round he saw that the bandits were all in various states of dismemberment with Akuma stood amonst the bodies covered in blood with a kunai in his hand. Observing the scene around him the merchant fearfully inqured what had happened, Akuma looked down at the merchant with distain and said "They failed to survive". After the mission Akuma was treated as a pariah by the civilians of Kiri because of his excessive force.

His next mission was to escort a group of refugees that had come to Kiri to seek protection on the next leg of there journey. They had been walking for several day when they were assaulted by bandits from the same group Akuma had encountered before. Driven by revenge they began to kill the refugees after a long and hard battle Akuma drove the bandits away. On his return to the group he was heckled and yelled at. Akuma stood and took the abuse until one man so far-gone with grief walked up to him, the man stood square to Akuma and called him a failure and spat at him. Suddenly there was a flash in the air and where the man's throat was there was now and open cut. Akuma continued to slaughter the refugees to the last.

On his return to Kiri it was noted that the bandits had killed the refugees and Akuma had fought bravely to help them. It is still not known to this day
if Akuma lied to cover up his tracks, or the higher ranked shinobi covered the indecent up. Akuma has spoken to no-one about it since, but he is regarded with mistrust by civilians and shinobi alike.

Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:
Raiton (Lightning)
Suiton (Water)

Special Characteristics:
When enraged the white of Akuma's eye's turn blood red, this is due to his blood pressure bursting the blood vessels in his eyes.(This will come into play when Akuma hits a higher level. I'm hoping I can make a jutsu when Akuma get to Chunin level).

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Re: Akuma Tategami

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:42 pm

That is fine, accepted.

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