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Kikaichu Breeding Sacks

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Kikaichu Breeding Sacks

Post by Blue-Eyed Devil on Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:28 am

Name of Items: Kikaichu Breeding Sacks

Location: At Retsu's home

Description: These sacks hold thousands of Kikaichu each. Each one contain a special mutation of bug, bred individually by Retsu to be more resilient to certain techniques. Since the bugs need to constantly feed off chakra to survive, other Aburame believed that the Kikaichu would not survive long outside their host. However, Retsu managed to provide an environment for them where they had enough members to reach a stable equilibrium. The next problem was food. Retsu answered this by creating a cocoon that absorbed chakra for the Kikaichu to feed off. All he had to do was provide the cocoon with his chakra every other day and it provided the Kikaichu inside with enough nourishment to live. He then placed a seal on them so that they could be summoned into battle when he needed them.

At this moment in time, Retsu has the following mutations of bugs at hand:

Fire Resilient (bugs resistant to Katon chakra)
Tough Exoskeleton (bugs able to deflect weapons more effectively)

More may be added as he faces more opponents. (To make this more fair, Retsu will only be able to summon one batch of mutated bugs per battle. In addition, it takes one post for the mutated bugs to mix into his system and become available for use in combat)

Owner: Retsu Aburame

Rank: B

History: Retsu decided to start breeding his Kikaichu into separate mutations to give him an edge in combat against specific foes. With his natural intelligence with biology, he came up with the breeding sacks.

Appearance: Large, cream coloured cloth sacks.
Blue-Eyed Devil
Blue-Eyed Devil
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Re: Kikaichu Breeding Sacks

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:37 pm


Tokoyame Tsuki

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