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Retsu Aburame

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Retsu Aburame Empty Retsu Aburame

Post by Blue-Eyed Devil on Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:22 am

Name: Retsu Aburame
Nickname/Alias: N/A

Age: 16
Age Appearance: 18

Retsu Aburame Fnhdea

Gender: Male

Rank: B
Ninja Rank: Chunnin

Village: Konohagakure
Birthplace: Konohagakure
Previous Village: N/A

Clan/Bloodline: Aburame

Personality: Retsu has a very cool, detached outlook. He has been bullied about his abilities for most of his life and has developed many walls to keep people out of his life. He shields himself from people like he wears his big coat; he never takes it off. Even when it is really hot, he keeps his coat on. Not many people can figure out what he is thinking behind his dark glasses.

As a result of being bullied intensely by his classmates and avoided by most of the villagers, Retsu has always felt animosity towards people in general, although those in Konoha specifically. He has buried the hatchet for now it seems, in the interest of working more efficiently, although when it will rise up again is uncertain.

He prefers his own company to that of others, but through his fascination with insects he knows that there are benefits to working in a team, even if he hates doing so. When around people he speaks sparingly if at all, using very short sentences to get whatever point he wants to get across quickly. He especially dislikes those that talk during battle.

While he normally remains cool-headed in most situations, one sure way of knowing that you have annoyed or angered him is if a clicking noise starts to come from him, a sound of hundreds upon thousands of tiny wings. This is a warning, one that most people understand even if Retsu's facial expression and tone of voice do not change. He also has a thing about people touching him. This is the sure way of setting him off into a rage in which he becomes truly terrifying, unleashing the full wrath of his insects upon the one responsible.

Retsu is rather philosophical when left to his own devices, and often spends hours contemplating the nature of the world and its subjects. He is also a genius when it comes to his Kikaichu, able to utilise them quicker than the average Aburame as well as creating new breeds with ease.

Goals: To become a legendary bug-user.
Alignment: Neutral, bordering on bad.

History: Retsu was born into the Aburame family, a clan of insect-tamers. As with the rest of his family, he was given over to the bugs and made into a human hive. In return for the shelter and chakra he provided the bugs, also known as Destruction Bugs or Kikaichuu, the insects do the hosts every bidding, usually defending or attacking when he enters battle. Many, if not all of the techniques Retsu uses include his Kikaichuu in some way or form.

When he entered the Academy, Retsu was often treated as a freak thanks to his abilities with insects. While at first the jibes and hurtful things the other children said hurt him, eventually he stopped caring and just tuned them out, allowing their words to wash over him. He kept this shield up permanently, even around those in his own family. He spent most of his time alone, distancing himself from everyone. The fact that most of the people in Konoha avoided him whenever they could did not help his situation.

Unfortunately, this only seemed to encourage the worst of the bullies and one day, when Retsu was already in a foul mood thanks to being told off by his father for staying out too late, one of the kids, who was more intense in his bullying than the others, began the routine of throwing insults at him. When the child said something extremely unpleasant about Retsu's mother, the young insect-tamer snapped. He felt such an anger that he never before had experienced and he lost control of his Kikaichuu, who attack the bully, feeding off his chakra.

Luckily, his father had come after Retsu since he had forgotten to take his lunch with him and stopped the attack by sending in his own bugs that fended off his sons' inexperienced assault. The bully was fine but nobody said anything to Retsu's face again (although that never stopped them whispering behind his back). He was harshly punished by his clan later. When graduation came, he passed with flying colours was made a Genin.

Over the passing years he became ever more withdrawn and solitary, often going weeks without speaking. He spent all his time with his Kikaichu, training with them and breeding them into new and better forms. He started to hold Konoha and its people in great disdain and would often terrorise anyone who attempted to get near his home (he had moved out of the Aburame compound to a more run-down and abandoned part of the Village). He even started to kill people who got too close and use their bodies in experiments with his Kikaichu. Most of these people where displaced and homeless, so their presence was rarely missed.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Medical
Recessive: Tracking, Kenjutsu (tanto)

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: N/A
Recessive: N/A

Special Characteristics: Retsu is highly intelligent, although he lacks the ability to empathise and feel guilt. He is also terrifying to behold when he is angry, his insects swelling in numbers and rushing forwards to engulf a foe. He is a great believer in the end justifying the means, and is unafraid to sacrifice things to that end. He is also ambidextrous.
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Retsu Aburame Empty Re: Retsu Aburame

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:58 am

Nice. ^^


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