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Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage]

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Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage] Empty Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage]

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:10 pm

Name: Garasu Sunakorosu
Nickname/Alias: Kaze no Garasu

Age: 19
Age Appearance: -See Picture-

Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage] 5ddf5bada61bc0_full

Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage] 341_B

Gender: Male

Rank: S
Ninja Rank: Kazekage

Village: Sunagakure
Birthplace: Unknown Desert Village (Now nonexistent)
Previous Village: Unknown Desert Village (Now nonexistent)

Clan/Bloodline: Suna/Shimasugan

Personality: To say the least, Garasu is rather inscrutable. What you surmise for yourselves is much more valuable than what you can read in a paragraph or two. However, whatever you discover will be minimal if Garasu has his way, for he is rather reticent with strangers, and so only a few people know him well. However, one thing is visible to all who meet him: the distant shadows of his past, ones that still lurk in his wake.

Goals: To protect Sunagakure and wipe his slate clean, so to speak, leaving his inner demons behind.
Alignment: Sunagakure, which he has sworn to defend with his life. However, if the corruption of the Shimasugan takes hold of him again, as it has done in the past, his alignment will be unknown.

Canon Personality: Gaara in Part II

History: Garasu was always a slightly odd child, born the youngest in the Saru family. However, in the past, he was innocent and sweet, trusting of all, and never angry. Mainly because he had a role model: his big brother Isaku, of which there has been no news in recent years. At the time, though, he was the golden boy, the one everyone was sure would go on to be a Jounin, or even a Kage. But this did not happen in Sungakure; this was a completely different village, one not known today because it was destroyed in a terrible fight.

Garasu had another sibling, and she was called Taiimae. She was his senior by one year, and she was proficient with Sound and Wind Jutsu. Five years ago, the corruptive influence of the Shimasugan possessed them both, and they fought over it, as they each believed it should be only them that deserved such a powerful Doujutsu. Not much is known about the fight that took place, because it resulted in the destruction of their desert village. Some think it was also the cause of a certain scar on Garasu’s left cheek. However, asking him about it usually won’t get you a real answer.

Thanks to a Whirlwind Jutsu that Taiimae had used the Shimasugan to devise, on the spot, and Garasu’s response - an extremely destructive Glass technique (which he has now sworn off because of the horrific damage it can cause), their village was destroyed. The three siblings, Isaku, Taiimae and Garasu - and their teacher Ayr – left in a hurry, as it was agreed between them that they would rather this than take the blame. They each went separate ways, under the name of Sunakorosu rather than Suna.

And so, Garasu lost contact with every one of his siblings (and even Ayr, who had helped him come so far in the way of Glass Jutsu) and travelled to Sunagakure, the Village Hidden in the Sand. He began to think things through, and realised that the sand all around Sunagakure could be used to the benefit of his Jutsu - using Fire Jutsu to heat sand would result in large amounts of sand for his Jutsu. This discovery led to fierce self-training of his Fire Jutsu, until it reached a high enough level to help his Glass Jutsu, and to be a powerful offensive force on its own. These years were his first steps in the journey of wiping his slate clean, and forgetting an unforgettable past.

Garasu dedicated his time to little else, and over the course of the five years that he trained, he made his way through the ranks of Sunagakure. His skills were honed, and even before he had reached Sunagakure he could easily match the power of a Chuunin with his Glass Jutsu. Although some questioned whether the distant Garasu was made for an authority role, there was nothing corrupted about him, like in the past.

He quickly made it to Jounin, and when misfortune took the life of the previous Kazekage, there was not much debate about who should be the next. Garasu took the role to atone for his sins, and although he still seemed slightly melancholy to those around him, there was a visible change in his aura. Others had accepted him, a mysterious arrival to Sunagakure, and although he still had not developed any strong attachment to any person in particular, he felt he owed a massive debt to the village, and as such, grew to care for it. The rest is history.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Elemental/Chakra Control
Recessive: Ninjutsu/Weaponry

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Katon (Fire)
Recessive: Fuuton (Wind)

Special Characteristics: None
Garasu Sunakorosu
Garasu Sunakorosu

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Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage] Empty Re: Garasu Sunakorosu [Kazekage]

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:13 pm

Accepted, Mister Kazekage! :3

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