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Tokoyame Tsuki [Mizukage]

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Tokoyame Tsuki [Mizukage]

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:41 pm

Name: Tokoyame Tsuki
Nickname/Alias: He has no nickname.

Age: 23
Age Appearance: 23


Gender: Male

Rank: S
Ninja Rank: Kage

Village: Kirigakure
Birthplace: Kirigakure
Previous Village: N/A

Clan/Bloodline: Tsuki/Tsukuyomi no Dou

Personality: Tokoyame cannot be described as anything other than a bland individual. Due to his position as Mizukage and his insomnia at the hands of Shukaku, Tokoyame is also intelligent to the extreme – He has not slept in around 20 years so he spent most of his youth training his willpower and making himself disciplined. Tokoyame does not, aside from these traits, have much to his personality as he constantly sees himself as ‘being too busy to have a life’. He is a very, VERY skilled individual as the Shukaku within him has not touched his personality at all – he has suppressed it and allowed himself to access all of Shukaku’s chakra at his whim.

Goals: To bring honour to the Tsuki clan by making Kirigakure the most powerful village.
Alignment: Kirigakure/Tsuki Clan

Canon Personality: N/A

History: Tokoyame, when younger, was designed to be the host for a bijuu. Nobody knew why Tokoyame had been chosen or why he, even though he was around 3 years old, willingly consented to having the bijuu sealed inside of him. As this required a human sacrifice, the Tsuki clan could not afford to spare one of their precious few members and a young woman in Kirigakure was captured and killed to seal the Shukaku into a young Tokoyame. This, unfortunately, earned the already powerful Tsuki clan a bad reputation for having killed a random person to further their own power – though they avoided outcast by insisting that it was for all of Kirigakure.

Tokoyame, at first, did not know of the random woman’s sacrifice and focused on suppressing the Shukaku’s destructive, insane influence. He was ridiculed and outcast by members not of the duty-bound and iron-willed Tsuki clan but due to his own iron will and the Shukaku inside him Tokoyame learned to shut his emotions off and begin trying to suppress the demon inside of him. Nobody in the Tsuki clan was even remotely bothered at Tokoyame being the host of the Shukaku. There was nothing but water for it to manipulate in Kirigakure so Tokoyame caused no damage to anyone but himself. The first night he tried to sleep with Shukaku in him his mind started to deteriorate and he woke up promptly – vowing never to sleep again.

As Tokoyame learnt to control the Bijuu within him, he developed his eye techniques – learning the Waxing and Waning eyes’ abilities at the age of seven. This was a record and the clan thought that maybe, with the correct training, they could get Tokoyame to master the Waxing Crescent eye and the Waning Crescent eye. These were the prized and advanced techniques of the Tsuki clan – advancing on the Tsukuyomi no Dou’s already powerful abilities. Tokoyame soon mastered all of the Crescent techniques and was revered within the Tsuki clan – most members below the age of 20 would only ever master one of the two crescent eyes – and that was rare. Tokoyame was not a prodigy at this age – he was not overly skilled in everything he did. He merely trained almost all day and all night due to the Shukaku within him preventing his sleep.

It was found that Tokoyame was also quite bright – surpassing adults in intelligence because of sheer discipline and mental focus at the hands of his harsh elders and moreso, the result of Shukaku within him. By now, Tokoyame being 16, the Shukaku had learnt that it was simply not strong enough to overpower Tokoyame’s literally overpowering iron will and instead submitted to his cause. This granted him a massive reserve of chakra that he utilized when he inherited the legendary blades of the Tsuki clan. By grasping the Hangetsu No Tsurugi (Blade of the Half Moon), Mangetsu No Tsurugi (Blade of the Full Moon) and the Mikadzuki No Tsurugi (Blade of the New Moon) Tokoyame unlocked everything the Tsuki clan had to offer – all seven stances of the moon, all kenjutsu and doujutsu techniques for each stance and then improved on them with the Shukaku’s chakra.

Eventually, Tokoyame attracted too much attention due to the fact he was a Jinchuuriki and the fact that his skill with the sword was almost unparalleled within Kirigakure. The Mizukage challenged Tokoyame to a duel of honour and Tokoyame reluctantly agreed. All of the Mizukage’s water jutsu fell to Tokoyame’s Full Moon Stance: Tenmaru Kanzen as he cut through the jutsu as if they were nonexistent and heading towards the Mizukage. Placing him in his Waxing Crescent Jutsu: Chains of the Moon Goddess, The Mizukage fell to Tokoyame’s New Moon Stance: Lunar Execution and was incapacitated within the genjutsu long enough that Tokoyame could strike him with his Waxing Crescent Style: Bloodstained Moon jutsu and win the duel. Due to the shame of him picking on Tokoyame, he resigned from the position of Mizukage and, at age 20, Tokoyame accepted.

Tokoyame, from age 20 onwards, has been stuck in the Mizukage’s office sorting out every Bureaucratic matter that had been over the village’s head – due to his lack of sleep Tokoyame managed to, after two years, sort out everything in the village and make it the luscious, verdant and prosperous place it is now.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Kenjutsu/Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Water
Recessive: N/A

Special Characteristics: Insomniac. Amazing with paperwork. Disciplined to the extreme.

Tokoyame Tsuki

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Re: Tokoyame Tsuki [Mizukage]

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:18 am

Garasu Sunakorosu
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