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Fujiashiami Tokegawa

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Fujiashiami Tokegawa Empty Fujiashiami Tokegawa

Post by Dean on Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:37 pm

Name: Fujiashiami Tokegawa
Nickname/Alias: The Volcano

Age: 25
Age Appearance: 21

Appearance: Fujiashiami Tokegawa 227px-Joushiroukitake

Gender: Male

Rank: S-rank
Ninja Rank: Tsuchikage

Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Birthplace: Iwagakure no Sato
Previous Village: None

Clan/Bloodline: Tokegawa/Ash Oblivion

Personality: Fujiashiami has always has a youthful and energetic spirit at heart, from running around on nice days, to making jokes. With a youthful spirit comes a youthful lust that he manages to conceal, at least in front of most people. This might get him into trouble every now and then when me encounters seriously beautiful ninja out side of battle (inside is a different case). Still, in all seriousness, he is not as pervy as Jiriaya.

He always likes to take his times to make his decisions, rash decisions give way to rash consequences. In battle he has a clear head, meaning he is not easily distracted. Usually within battle he only thinks of the task at hand, trying to do minimal damage on people not involved in the fight.

Goals: To make Iwagakure no Sato the most powerful in the Naruto World.
Alignment: Good

Canon Personality: None

A Begining

Many years ago, Fujiashiami was born to a ninja family in Iwagakure. The matriach of the family was of the Tokegawa blood line that had migrated from a rural community when she was a child many years ago. Soon enough after Fujiashiami was born, his parents went MIA. They were gone, and there was no trace of the anywhere. The village secret Ops tried to track down their location, but even they failed in the job of finding them.

Fujiashiami, now parentless, grew up without knowing the love of any parents. He was very intellectually inclined, thus he didn't connect to many people easily. He struggled to make many friends while he was growing up because he didn't have very good mannerisms. Usually, Fujiashiami ran off many potiental finds with his horrid mannerisms until he found a wonderful person at the age of 6. This person was the previous Kazekage. At the time the Tsuchikage that came before him was a young jounin, and he seemed to be kinds hearted and noticed the young boy's talent.

"Hello young one, what is your name?"

"I am Fujiashiami Tokegawa you idiot!"

"Well, how was I supposed to know what your name one? I haven't met you before this, thus I couldn't have known your name until now. Were you expecting me to magically know your name? You really need to work on your mannerisms."

"I guess I am sorry, I am just so angry, I have been told many times to work on my mannerisms, but it is just a habit now."

"Well, I guess I can help you work on them, that is, if you want to. Oh, yes, by the way my name is Yoshiro Nameste"

From then on, they formed a student/teacher relationship. A few day later while they were working on Fujiashiami's mannerisms, Fujiashiami started to cough up ash. His new teacher, the future Tsuchikage decided to look in on this very odd occurance. It had turned out that Fujiashiami was from the Ash Oblivion blood line. Yoshiro decided to help the young child, not even genin, tone his skills with the Ash Oblivion kekkei genkai. That very day he left a letter on Fujiashiami's door to meet in the training grounds.

Fujiashiami went to the training grounds thinking that they would keep working on their mannerisms, but he was in for a surprize, instead of training in his mannerisms, he would be honing his skills. Soon enough Fujiashiami was able to gain moderate control over his Ash Oblivion kekkei genkai. By the age of 6 his sensei thought that he was even ready in the chuunin exams, but due to the fact that he would have no team to help him out, he had to wait nearly two more years to compete in the chuunin exams.

A New Team

When he was 6, he was entered into the ninja academy by his sensei. Within one year he was able to graduate, and soon he was gained a team. Their names were: Sushimi Kazuma (12), Kagura Hishi(12), and Sensei Yoshiro Nameste(19). Yoshiro Naseste had personally requested the team with Fuji, he wished to continue his training.

For two years they had trained together, they also went on many D-rank and C-rank missions. One time they even took on a B-ranking mission with the assistance of a few other chuunin. He became even more advanced in his ash element training, being able to manipulate the clouds of the ash partcially with his hands. It did drain a lot of chakra out of the young genin to do that, but he was able to make it through it.

Eventually he started to show many signs of fuuton. Yoshiro noted this when he was was training Fuji one day when he saw a little gust of wind come from Fuji's body when he was channeling his chakra. He decided it would be best for Fuji to work on this later, he should focus on mastering his Ash Oblivion more. Yoshiro believed that is was better to have a strong knowledge of one type of jutsu before moving on to the next or else it would be novicely used within battle. He also acknowledged the developement of his skills in elemental properties. Yoshiro reasoned that his fantastic elemental specialty must come partly from his kekkei genkai due to facts he found out about his clan.

Chuunin Exam

At the age of 8, he was more than ready to compete in the Chuunin exams. He was one of the most skilled genin in the ninja world at that time, let alone in his own village. Soon enough the Chuunin exams started, he was effectively able to copy the answers for the first test because his senses were of the finest fasion. He really didn't need to cheat though, he was very adept to the questions because of his experience and intelligence compared with most of the people in the room, but he decided it would be best to use his senses, it was faster and easier. If he found something wrong with the answers he would check them over and correct them.

The next exam was in the Valley of Doom. It was a test of survival, and his team had been trained very strictly by its sensei. Yoshiro knew about this part of the exam, and thus he spent nearly 3 months putting them through hell just for them to pick up the survival skills that were needed to quickly get in an out of the Valley of Doom. They quickly got in and out of the valley by feeling the wind flow through the valley. Not many people knew that the wind in the valley would lead quickly to the exit as long as you got their fast enough. Within one day, they were about to exit the valley without a scratch, they were the first ones out, and it took 3 days for the next team to arrive out of the valley.

The chuunin exams were then stopped for a month to give the remaining genin to learn a few new techniques before entering the Chuunin exam arena in Tsuchigakure no Sato. Then bam, the village was attacked by an unknown terrorist sleeper cell calling themselves the Akatsuki. Fuji never knew of the Akatsuki, but everyone was scared. They were afraid of the Akatsuki and their past many years ago.

Soon the jounin senseis from the different villages participating in the chuunin exams decided to go together and spearhead this terrorist cell. Many of the jounin senseis were killed in the on going fight, even the Tsuchikage was killed in the fight. After the battle was over Iwagakure was safe, but at a massive cost. The village had lost a lot of its strength base, and its leadership. Soon, within a a day the elder council, jounin council, and Diamiyo would agree on the new Tsuchikage.

Moving on to Bigger and Better Things

Soon, Yoshiro, one of the only remained S-ranked nin left in the village, was instated as Tsuchikage. All of those genin who made it to the 3rd round of the Chuunin exams were given the rank of Chuunin. Yoshiro's team was split up, and Fuji was given a central job to the village. He was to work with the Tsuchikage to make sure the village was still running well. The next month he turned 9, and the village was still in turmoil. It looked like the other Shinobi Super Powers were wanting to step in and take over Iwagakure with force.

The brillant Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato recognized this, and they decided to step in for Iwagakure no Sato. They wanted to prevent one village from getting more power than the other, and contacted Yoshiro saying that Konohagakure would offer its help. Soon a legion of Konohagakure shinobi was stationed within Iwagakure no Sato helping out with the reconstruction and the fortifications of the village. With the help of Konohagakure the village was in much better shape in no time. Now, it would take time for the village to recover its higher ranking shinobi.

Due to the lack of jounin, nearly 20 percent of the current chuunin were promoted to Special jounin. Each of the new special jounin were instructed to teach the academy students, and go on and off missions. Fujiashiami was one of those people who were selected to be special jounin. While Fuji had free time, he would go off and train on his own, after about 1 year of training by himself more, he had nearly completely mastered the Ash Oblivion. The only way to progress was to work on his recessive wind trait. This would require the help of his old sensei Yoshiro.

A Time of Training

He went to see is old sensei Yoshiro. He has mountains of paper work on his desk, he hated being stuck in the office doing paper work. Fujiashiami was sure that Yoshiro would leave the office, but Yoshiro refused, he was too busy, and he thought that some advice is all he would need to bring out his wind element and other specialties. Fuji was crushed, but he understood the obligations of his old sensei.

Soon he left the office and for the next 5 years he trained very hard. He brought out all of his specialties through hard work and determination. In that time period he gained the rank of full jounin and went on many B, A, and S rank missions. Still he had to help out by training the academy students, but he remained nearly constantly busy with little breaks except for sleeping. Near the end of his 5 year busy period he gained S-ranked jounin class. He was one of the first ninja to start to kill the upper ranks of the village.

Something though loomed over the horizon, something didn't sit right with Fujiashiami in his last years of training. Each day bloody red sun sets and sun risings happened. Many people didn't really pay any attention to it. The only person in his village that actually felt something was wrong with it was Fuji. Fujiashiami went to the Tsuchikage every day that year, he expressed his feelings about this, but Yoshiro insisted that he was looking too deeply into things.

Success, Tragety, Rebirth

Fujimashiami, once appointed to S-rank was given control of the shattered secret ops. They had been lacking in numbers and been being very inefficient. Fujiashiami was a brilliant micro and macro manager, he could do them both at the same time, thus he was perfect for this administrative position. He adapted many policies from the ANBU Black Ops from Konohagakure no Sato, and many Hunter-Nin policies from Kirigakure no Sato, he also include some other policies from other villages. He amassed these policies from witnessing them first hand, and from information in the large archives of the Secret Ops.

Fujiashiami pasted his days as creating new policies to replace the old out dated ones. He stopped 3 manned teams, and instead created a back up policy in the Secret Ops. 2 people would go on missions, one would stay back behind the lead ninja by 1/2 km. This allowed the back on to ambush any enemies, taking them by surpize. This policy spelled success for the Secret Ops, climbing them back into the nearly the top Secret Ops program in the ninja world.

It then turned out Fujiashiami was right about the signs that the world around him had been showing. One year after the Konohagakure reinforcement left the village Yoshiro died. It impacted Fuji hard. The day of the funeral, Fuji cried hard, and it seemed like the sky was crying, too. It started to rain, but it all of the people stayed for the service. It was all they could do for the man they knew helped them out of their seemingly endless abis.

Soon enough the jounin council met, along with the elders, and the Diamiyo. Every person seemed to be split on the decision of who would be the next Tsuchikage. It was between Fujiashiami and one of the Elders. The people for the elders decided that Fujiashiami was too inexperienced, but the opposition countered by saying the elder was getting on and age, and also that Fuji was trained by the previous Tsuchikage. Eventually the elder got up, and walked over towards Fuji. He admitted that he was getting on in age, and he conceeded that it would be for the best if Fuji became Tsuchikage, eventually everyone agreed, and Fujiashiami was instated as Tsuchikage, the youngest ever.

Current Chapter

After 10 years of being Tsuchikage, the village prospered. The military force gained back its strength, and its Special Ops were nearly top ranked in the ninja world. Everything seemed to be going great village the village, but when a village gets so used to peace, it needs to be wiped into shape. Fuji's micro-managing skills had caused him to out do himself. He was about to implement a plan to keep the village in strength, and strengthen ties with the other villages.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Elemental, Sensory
Recessive: Fuuinjutsu/Seal Knowledge, Spiritually Attuned

Elemental Affinity: Ash {Fire/Wind}
Dominant: Ash = {Fire/Wind}

Special Characteristics:

-Fujiashiami doesn't age like a regular person. He has basically stopped aging at this time, the reason is not yet discovered by Fujiashiami himself, but perhaps in time it will reveal itself.
-Fujiashiami is rather intelligent, but this makes him very akward with his mannerisms, he is still currently working on this, but for the most part he has resolved most of the worst mannerisms.

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Fujiashiami Tokegawa Empty Re: Fujiashiami Tokegawa

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:39 pm

I don't like History, but add a few paragraphs.

Accepted when you have History - And you may RP with him whenever.

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Fujiashiami Tokegawa Empty Re: Fujiashiami Tokegawa

Post by Dean on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:22 pm

Well, I wasn't done with it...It was a WIP (Work in Progress)...I am still putting the finishing touches on it


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Fujiashiami Tokegawa Empty Re: Fujiashiami Tokegawa

Post by Nasamea on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:41 pm

Tracking and Senses are two different skills. Tracking requires chakra control while senses requires nothing.

For your dominant element put {fire/wind} = Ash
You don't need to state wind as a recessive for you'll have fire and wind to make ash.

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Fujiashiami Tokegawa Empty Re: Fujiashiami Tokegawa

Post by Nasamea on Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:38 am

Approved, next time bump the topic.

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