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General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by Nasamea on Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:15 pm

General Rules

  • Have a good time here. This site is a RPG, or Role Playing Game. We want you to have fun here and enjoy your stay.

  • Respect the RPers here, the staff, and yourself as well. This means you need to be as kind as you can to everyone. When the moderators or administrators ask you to do something, we expect you to heed to it. Rude and/or immature behavior will not bet tolerated.

  • Whether it be a Moderator or Administrator, when they ask you to do something do not argue. Our staff has been hand-picked to make the site better for you, so as a member we ask that you respect them and make the correct decision. They will return the respect as well. If you have a problem with a staff member speak to Tokoyame Tsuki and/or Chiyoko, the site owners.

Personal Information
  • Please refrain from giving out any personal information about yourself on the site. We don't want any scandals or strange things going on with personal information. I'm sure you know that there are tons of hackers waiting to steal your identity if you give them the chance. Keep your personal information safe by keeping it to yourself. We will and cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to members outside of the forum, private matters and all.

Role Playing Rules

Post Size
  • No one liners. Period. Anyone caught posting a one liner will be reprimanded. No one wants to post with a person that doesn't take the time out to make their post worth reading. Everyone tries their best so should you. Your minimum post should be at least 150 words.

  • This site is represents the age Naruto (manga) is directed to. Please do not use mature language or introduce mature theme's to the site. If you are in a relationship via IC with a character, please mark all mature RPing as a [Lemon] before posting. Failure to do so will result in punishment. Other than that keep the somewhat language clean amongst OOC matters. When RPing, sometimes heavy language can be used, but do not abuse it. (Yes, in some parts of the manga, even Naruto has used bad words)

  • It's illegal. If you're caught God-Modding you will get punished. Do not control a character that is not yours, plain and simple. In fighting there might be ways around this rule, but that will be explained as to what you can actually do when it comes to control.


One Account
  • That's all you are allowed to make and it's all you need. Making several accounts only bogs up the forum. We can check IP addresses, so you can't hide from us with a second account. Anyone caught doing this will risk their account being deleted. If you make multiple accounts or characters to kill off it off to gain power, you will be punished and you will lose all that you worked for.

Sharing Accounts
  • Prohibited. Sharing accounts is not allowed. If there are two people in your household and one computer, then you need to let me or another staff member know before making your account. We do not want people making accounts and then sharing them with others. If you have a situation message us, other than that, do not share accounts. This includes giving away old accounts, and taking over inactive accounts.

  • It is yours and yours only. Do not give it out to anyone on the forum unless it is an emergency. If you can't get on to post and you know it's been a while and you need to post but can't get to a computer, giving out your password in a tight situation like that is acceptable. However, do not give out your password to post as someone else.

-Special Thanks to Tane-

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