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Seigyokijutsu (Controller techs)

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Seigyokijutsu (Controller techs)

Post by Foxeh on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:21 pm

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Seigyokijutsu (Lit. “Controller Technique”)

Type of Kekkei Genkai: Elemental manipulation and creation

Rank: S (Unique to Sousuke Unagai and Tonsui Unagai)

Description: Seigyokijutsu is a manipulation of elements on the basest of levels. This is accomplished by a tattoo placed on the body which becomes the center of chakra. By feeding different sectors of the tattoo the user gains the ability to create or manipulate five elements. This is accomplished through special seals made by the tattoo which convert the chakra to the elemental chakras. This conversion is made through crystallized chakra's. These crystals act like filters which the tattoo channels chakra through to create the elemental chakras. These new chakras cannot be channeled like regular chakra due to the new centre which gives them the ability to maneuver and manipulate them elements around the user without the ability to create Ninjutsu with them. (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning) While manipulations of elements are a low chakra cost (mostly the force of push and pull on elements) Usage of fire and Lightning elements where fire or electricity is not readily available costs the user major chakra to form these elements.


Seigyokijutsu is limited to only control of those elements around the user such as the ground for earth and the air for wind etc. it cannot create earth or water or wind elements to use and substitute’s the user’s original chakra natures for those it cannot readily make. (Fire and Lightning) Fire can be manipulated through the hands and various motions to redirect the chakra in a flame or lightning bolt on base limits. IE fire will travel in a semi straight line that may curve or bend slightly but it will not zig-zag across the field. Manipulation of lightning is a two part (two post technique) requiring the user to gather static energy in the air and couple it with their lightning nature to build a sufficient energy source for a lightning bolt.

Lightning when created by the user has the voltage of a 30,000 volt stun gun and about the same after affects. The only exception to this is if the user redirects a bolt of natural lightning. Said redirected lightning keeps most of its natural properties and voltages. Any lightning manipulated will fly straight forward and discharge into the first object (or metal object within a 2 foot radius of the center of the bolt) completely. Manipulation of lightning on this level cripples the user’s chakra systems for one post making them unable to manipulate any element.

Manipulation of present elements is subject to the nature of the element. Wind being air which is almost always present can be manipulated easily and with less cost than say earth which requires significant chakra usage to maneuver it or launch it. Water can be pulled from the air around the user in small amounts (roughly a cup of liquid per post for a total of three posts per topic) it can also be leached from dirt in the same amounts.

Weakness: With the new centre of chakra in place the user loses any and all ninjutsu aside from a transformation technique (will register soon-ish). The chakras are also subject to opposing types and of course the user may not control another character’s technique. To be able to dispel a technique the user must exert the same amount of chakra that was used to create the technique in the first place. (Limited to three dispels per fight/topic). As a note Genin level seigyoki user will only be able to use one element per post. Jounin and up will have the ability to use 2 per post.

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Re: Seigyokijutsu (Controller techs)

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:24 pm

Accepted. ^.^

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