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Ra Thorn [Mizukage's Bodyguard]

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Ra Thorn [Mizukage's Bodyguard] Empty Ra Thorn [Mizukage's Bodyguard]

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:11 pm

Name: Ra Thorn
Nickname/Alias: Ra is known to most as “The Genjutsu Mistress” due to her unwillingness to give away her real name and the fact most of her opponents lose their minds to her Genjutsu eternally.

Age: 19.
Age Appearance: Ra often appears to be a younger teenager than she is, and looks 17-ish most of the time.

Ra Thorn [Mizukage's Bodyguard] D27be8304f8b3725aaea81a472b08849

Gender: Due to the use of female pronouns, you can guess. Wink

Rank: Jounin.
Ninja Rank: S.

Village: Kirigakure
Birthplace: Kirigakure
Previous Village: Not Applicable.

Clan/Bloodline: Thorn Clan/Shimasu Eien

Personality: Ra’s personality is very hard to describe due to her knowledge of psychology, her upbringing and the general character that she is, but to describe her in a single word would be “Indifferent.” Ra’s personality changes depending on the situation at hand, due to her incredibly vast knowledge of psychology and body language. Asking random people what they thought Ra’s personality is would be very foolish, because few people see her true colours (and the only colours she really has are black and white) because she plays her emotions towards the person she meets. An aggressive person will be countered with submission, and a weak, submissive person will be met with compassion to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Ra dislikes unnecessary conflict especially, because it is a drain on her chakra and more often than not it would mean another slave to have to command due to the nature of her attacks.

Ra is not afraid to voice her true opinion in any conversation or battle, though, and there is something to be said for fighting her - She likes intelligent conversation in battle so she can psychoanalyze an opponent and find their mental weaknesses, so a swift genjutsu will exploit said weakness and win the fight on a psychological level. Ra’s true goals are very, very simple and consist mostly of power and companionship because of her loneliness as a child. In short, Ra is a very hard person to truly analyze as she is scheming to an extreme - Sly, cunning, vastly intelligent and remorseless. She was born to fight, so she does it well.

Goals: Ra’s goals are relatively simple. Power, Fame and Fortune.
Alignment: Neutral, specifically, but often does whatever Chiyoko does.

Canon Personality: Dunno. Not like anyone, really.

History: Ra’s history is not very broad, not very interesting (to her at least, it is how she was raised) and generally uneventful. From birth, Ra was recognized as being an unconventional ninja due to the combination of perfect sight and the rarest of her clan’s physical alterations so she was treated like a deity over the other children as Lei Thorn and Liato Thorn also were: food was provided for her, not stolen from the Thorn Compound’s storehouse like other children had to, her accommodation was luxurious (She actually had the same suite Lei Thorn had) and she was respected. This came with its’ own downfall, though - Her training was much harder and often she would only get 6 hours of sleep as she had to train for 16 hours a day.

Ra’s training began when she was around 8, and she quickly learnt she was not proficient with Ninjutsu, at all. She struggled to do what the most mediocre of children could accomplish with ease and her trainers were baffled. She clearly had amazing potential but could not do simple ninjutsu. Taijutsu were not a specialty, either, and the trainers were still baffled - they considered giving on her. Ra, however, knew that deep down her calling was with powerful genjutsu and asked her mother, Sa Thorn, to teach her a simple genjutsu - Vision Freeze. Sa did as such, and soon Ra was proficient in it as she was naturally excellent at controlling her chakra. She spent an hour each day mentally training herself and forming her chakra until she could induce it mentally, without having to use handsigns, and planned to use it on her trainers.

Soon she put it into practice as her trainer was speaking to her and froze her vision in place. The trainer had already given hope on Ra, but was quite baffled to find that everything around her seemed to be frozen in place - she could still hear things but her vision was frozen in place. She didn’t even think it may be a genjutsu and was baffled before Ra broke the illusion mentally, and was behind the trainer. The trainer, still confused, asked Ra what had happened and she simply stated she had put a genjutsu on her and snuck behind her.

From that point on, Ra’s trainers realized that she was going to be a very, very powerful user of genjutsu soon enough, and Ra’s trainers called in a professional to help as the Thorn clan had never used Genjutsu extensively before - all senior members knew of basic genjutsu but nobody had ever specialised other than one member, but nobody really knew who - just that they were currently alive and in the Thorn compund - Ra changed this quickly and begun training under the professional. This was also a pivotal moment in Ra’s history as her mother, Sa, vanished at this point. There was no trace of her body - if she had been murdered - and all of her belongings soon vanished. Ra had no idea that her mother was gone due to the strict training schedule, but soon asked Lei who replied: “She’s gone away for a while, Ra. Your big sister is still here to protect you, though...” - This solidified the bond between Lei and Ra and as such, Ra begun to emotionally harden to other people that were not very close to her.

It was here that Ra created her first Genjutsu and begun training in Psychology - and her day was relaxed to 12 hours of training. The professional saw massive potential in Ra not only as a student - But as a daughter, and asked Lei Thorn if she could take Ra to her home so she could bond with Ra more thoroughly and train her better. Lei knew that this was so the professional could bond more with Ra, but accepted regardless. Ra then moved in with the professional and enjoyed being treated as a person - but was very reticent of the emotional hardness that Lei had ‘gifted’ to her to protect her from harm until the professional and her got very, very close. They emotionally bonded and their training resumed. This continued for roughly 8 years, with Lei occasionally dropping in (Once every two weeks) to check on her.

Now Ra was 14 and very proficient in many types of Genjutsu, but was not yet familiar with her bloodline. Lei came over one week and asked Ra if she wanted to know of her bloodline, or wait - Ra was very eager to learn, and so the training of her bloodline (and a genjutsu she herself created) began. Lei taught her that she could radiate her chakra if she focussed on the mental image of radiating and maintaining an aura of chakra - The secondary, immense chakra control part of her bloodline had already been mastered due to her years of training, and as such, this radiation of chakra came very quickly. Lei lent Ra her assistance and created a thick crystal pillar in the back of the professional’s garden and explained to Ra that the crystal was sensitive to chakra and would take on the traits of the Thorn clan’s bloodline as she had made it, which benefited Ra’s training immensely.

Every day she would walk out to the crystal pillar and meditate in front of it for twenty minutes each day, allowing it to gradually attune to her chakra system and radiate chakra just as she would learn to. She would focus on her chakra system internally and soon learnt that she had very precise control of the chakra points at her joints - More so than her normal (yet still amazing) control. This was beneficial, as she soon learnt to intensify her chakra-controlling abilities at her joints which allowed her to handsigns just that little bit more quickly. After this meditating period she would attune the crystal to her chakra and project her chakra onto and outwards from it, creating a radiated aura of perfectly blue chakra. Ra was amazed with her progress and infused the crystal with chakra every day for three months before she mastered it, and could control the span, flow and intensity of the chakra. On a visit, Ra asked Lei to stand within the presence of her crystal and Ra caused a simple, 10-yard intense radiation. She learnt that the same mastery of her chakra applied to targets within her radiated aura and realized that she needed to develop skills in the affecting of other people’s chakra. She asked that Lei perform a simple jutsu and mold chakra while in her aura, and asked her to keep doing it so she could observe.

Ra learnt that, for people within her chakra aura, she could force her chakra into their system temporarily and disrupt the flow, or even tap into their chakra and draw it out of them, into the radiated aura. This, however, was a very weak ability at first and Ra never bothered to train it very much - Against weaker ninja that ability could be potentially fatal, however, as she had trained on Lei - Her extremely powerful sister and the female head of the Thorn clan. This meant that the amount drained on Lei would be small, but on a, say, Genin or Chuunin it could drain a large amount of their chakra or the force of the disruption could spread throughout their system. Due to her sheer ability with Genjutsu, however, Ra learnt not to use her Chakra Tap or Chakra Disruption abilities unless an opponent got close enough to be a problem as she relied on long range combat. Ra’s mastery of her Chakra Aura only grew as time passed, and Lei soon noted that Ra’s abilities now surpassed even her own - And the chakra aura became a passive ability that soon reflected her mood depending on her emotions and the intensity of said emotions.

The professional whom Ra had trained with for all of these years soon fell very ill, though - And in her illness her mental strength waned and the genjutsu she had successfully maintained on Ra for all the years she had been training her faded - And Ra saw this professional genjutsu trainer for who she really was: Her mother, Sa Thorn. This moved Ra to no end, that her mother had been training her for all these years, and she vowed to take care of her mother. It was on that day Lei and Sa saw her chakra aura become a deep, fervent gold - but it was short lived as Sa’s illness was becoming terminal. It was at this time that two very important things happened - Sa passed down four of her most powerful techniques: The Sanban Hitomi no Inkan (Seal of the Third Eye), The Akuma no Ashigekukayo no Inkan (Seal of Demonic Haunting), The Ikemasen Mokushi no Inkan (Seal of Forbidden Sight) and the Shiketsutai no Inkan (Seal of the Tourniquet) - four powerful seals that were very odd in nature. Unlike a normal seal, these seals were to be applied to other people - and due to her bloodline, Ra mastered them within an hour or two of training with them, and soon found out their effects, but this rendered her completely unable to use any other type of jutsu.

A few weeks later, she created two more jutsu, and has trained in the previously learnt ones for many years now: Saimin Suimin (Hypnotic Sleep) and Eien no Inkan (Seal of Eternity). Being a master of Genjutsu, Ra created the Seal of Eternity and branded it on herself, as this is a conventional seal. The Seal of Eternity was heavily locked into the bearer’s sensory system and can prevent loss of any sense(s) or, if needed, sever the senses for a split second to release the user from any genjutsu. The Saimin Suimin quickly became Ra’s staple technique, as it put the victim into a subconscious sleep and severed their motor controls, allowing longer and more complex jutsu to be used, often with a seal accompanying to increase effectiveness massively. Ra learnt a final technique on this day, and realized that her Chakra Aura could be used to modify brainwaves if people stayed in the aura. This made for a very powerful weapon as she could slowly lull her enemies into false security, sleep and other such detrimental effects.

As Sa’s condition worsened, Lei began arranging Sa’s funeral, but spending lots of time around her, Ra slowly begun to instill faith in Lei as her aura still permeated Lei’s crystal pillar and hence, the entire house. Ra began looking for a healer, also - and to her eternal luck soon found Chiyoko Kioku and befriended her very quickly - Her legendary healing skills soon bought Sa out of her terminal state and she recovered extremely quickly afterwards. Ra wished a final goodbye on her mother and sister, both of which she loved dearly - and respected Chiyoko a great deal. She vowed that, from this point, she would never let her aura glow golden again unless she was around these three people and took on Lei’s emotional hardness once more.

Finally, Lei was touched by Chiyoko’s healing of Sa and Ra’s determination to spread the word of the Thorn clan via battle, so gave Ra a blessing that would allow her to travel the world with Chiyoko, whom she was now close to. This heralded the last of Ra’s days as one of the single-most revered members of the Thorn clan - People would always remember her for her sheer ability and healing of Sa, which was celebrated by Lei every year after she left and commemorated by a ceremonial statue of Ra. As a final gift to Lei, though, Ra modified her Seal of the Third Eye and placed it on Lei’s forehead as she slept the night before she left with Chiyoko, and tapped some of Lei’s chakra into it so it would flow permanently. This enabled Lei to finally see as she had been almost blind for 23 long years, and Lei knew that Ra had done this. Even Lei’s chakra aura glowed gold on this day, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Intelligence/Genjutsu
Recessive: Fuuinjutsu/Summoning

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Cannot perform elemental ninjutsu.
Recessive: Cannot perform elemental ninjutsu.

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Ra Thorn [Mizukage's Bodyguard] Empty Re: Ra Thorn [Mizukage's Bodyguard]

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:18 am

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