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Character Template Empty Character Template

Post by Nasamea on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:45 pm

NOTE: In your topic title put the name of your character and the rank and village you are applying for.
Example: Naruto Uzumaki, [Konohagakure Genin] or Sasuke Uchiha [Missing Nin/Akatsuki]

Name: [Character name = Preferably Japanese]
Nickname/Alias: [Does your character have a nickname? *Madara's nickname was Tobi*]

Age: [How old are you?]
Age Appearance: [How old do you appear to be?]

Appearance: [We take pictures. If you don't have one, a paragraph of at least 150 words will suffice]

Gender: [Male or Female?]

Rank: [S=Kage, Jounin. A=Jounin. B=Chuunin. C=Chuunin, Genin. D=Genin. E=Academy student]
Ninja Rank: [Kage, Jounin, Chuunin, Genin or Academy Student]

Village: [What village do you currently live in?]
Birthplace: [Where were you born? Was it a main village or lesser village?]
Previous Village: [Did you come from another village?]

Clan/Bloodline: [What clan do you belong to? Does that clan have a bloodline? What bloodline do you have even if it doesn't belong to a clan within the manga?]

Personality: [What type of person are you?]

Goals: [List some goals your character may have.]
Alignment: [Are you good or bad? Neutral?]

Canon Personality: [Optional] [Basically list a character that is close to yours in the manga. Just a name that's all.]

History: [Let's hear your life story / At least 3 - 4 paragraphs]

Skill Specialty: [Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu/Seal Knowledge, Spiritually Attuned, Weaponry, Doujutsu, Chakra Control, Elemental, Puppetry, Summoning, Medical, Tracking/Senses]
[D ranks ma have 1 Dom / C Ranks may have 1 Dom, 1 Rec / B may have 1 Dom, 2 Rec / A may have 2 Dom, 1 Rec / S Ranks may have 2 Dom, 2 Rec.]

Elemental Affinity: [S-C, can have two and D Ranks can have one]
Dominant: [What's your primary element? *Uchiha=Fire*]
Recessive: [What's your recessive element(s)? Kakashi has two recessive elements, Doton and Suiton]



[i][u]Age Appearance[/u][/i]:



[i][u]Ninja Rank[/u][/i]:

[i][u]Previous Village[/u][/i]:




[i][u]Canon Personality[/u][/i]:


[b][u]Skill Specialty[/u][/b]:

[b][u]Elemental Affinity[/u][/b]:


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