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Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei (Rebirth of the Sun’s Gift) - Mayoi

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Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei (Rebirth of the Sun’s Gift) - Mayoi

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:22 pm

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei (Rebirth of the Sun’s Gift)

Type of Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton (Variant)

Clan: Mayoi

Rank: A/S

Description: The Taiyoo no Saisei Omiyage allows the user to create seeds and plants, and fully manipulate the seeds and plants of their creation. By creating seeds with the help of the clan’s secret technique, users of the Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei can save massive amounts of chakra as they do not have to create the plants, only expend enough chakra to make them begin growing before the secondary technique of the Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei comes into play. This control over the plants is absolutely flawless and plants they infuse their chakra with obey the user of Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei to the tee. However, it is specialized to one or two certain types of plant - e.g. - Tree, Flower, Bush, et cetera. Itsuki specializes in flowers and bushes as he is a potent user.

As people who use the Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei tend to have very high control over their Spiritual Energy, such as Itsuki Mayoi, they are able to infuse their plants with a concentration of their spiritual energy (or, in Itsuki’s case, the opponent’s spiritual energy via their field of influence in an opponent’s soul) and the plants may add Natural energy, creating ‘Natural Chakra’. This Natural Chakra is completely unusable by any ninja due to its instability when outside of the plant, and the fact it cannot perform any physical jutsu (E.G almost all jutsu), but to plants it is an amazing growth-food and accelerates their growth hugely. Due to its composition, Natural Chakra can be used on spiritual things as well - such as Spiritual Bees or other spiritual beings and will act as a food source to them also.

Weakness: This bloodline prohibits the use of any other element, including water and earth jutsu. The plants’ control can be overridden if they are infused with more chakra than Itsuki has placed in them and the Natural Chakra inside them. Should Itsuki command the plants to create Natural Chakra and infuse them with his Spiritual Energy, he could not stop them producing it should control be taken from him. He must also touch the opponent’s plant to put chakra in it.

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Re: Taiyoo Omiyage no Saisei (Rebirth of the Sun’s Gift) - Mayoi

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:29 am

Garasu Sunakorosu
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