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Shinkouteki Hachi no Kashou - Secret Clan Technique

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Shinkouteki Hachi no Kashou - Secret Clan Technique

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:21 pm

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Shinkouteki Hachi no Kashou (Song of the Spirit Bee)

Type of Kekkei Genkai: Summoning

Clan: Mayoi

Rank: A

Description: The Shinkouteki Hachi no Kashou’s ability is to summon and control a large amount of spiritual bees. If his bees die he can summon more to take their place, with the exception of the Matriarch bee, she is unique and is very well protected by Itsuki.

Spirit Bees:
-Spirit Bees are not of the physical nature, they are spiritual in nature and hence cannot be touched by anything physical, and nor can they touch anything physical. They can shift into the physical nature while using special abilities (but never in combat). Any taijutsu or kenjutsu attack cannot not harm the bees, they are immune. Only chakra based attacks can damage the bees.

-Spirit Bees are unnaturally good at pollination and the breeding of flowers, allowing for very advanced plant-techniques to be used so long as the spirit bees create the new plants, and they are adept at repairing damaged plants.

-Each bee has a series of toxins in the sting that affect the very soul of a person. These stings, as they are spiritual in nature, are almost unavoidable but do not hurt the victim, and kill the user. The spiritual toxins allow the bees to change the emotions of a person depending on the emotion they are in and its intensity. E.G., A Bee could not somebody who is in a state of hate change to a state of love. Itsuki’s most practical use is making people he desires fall in love with him to further his desire to have a good time.

-The bees can commune with anyone who is Spiritually Attuned, allowing them to be used for surveillance missions as they cannot be attacked by most jutsu/weapons.

-The bees can feed from chakra to sustain themselves if necessary, much like Destruction Bugs. However, they cannot feed from a person, they can only feed from Itsuki's plants.

Hierarchy of Bees:

-Matriarch Bee
This is the biggest and most powerful of the bees, often overseeing the other bees while they tend to their daily duties (pollination of flowers, et cetera). She is always summoned by Itsuki and kept from Harm’s reach. The Matriarch Bee is very intelligent and can talk to people who are not spiritually attuned on Itsuki’s request. The Matriarch Bee can hide herself from the view of anyone not Spiritually Attuned while outside of combat, too.

-Queen Bee
A Queen Bee oversees the worker bees and helps them in their daily tasks. These are less intelligent than the Matriarch but are still of above average intelligent (human standard) and can talk to anybody who is spiritually attuned.

-Worker Bee
These are, by far, the most common bee. They do Itsuki’s bidding to the tee and are often used for their Soul Sting ability, to guys who like him fall in love with him. These bees can only talk in basic sentences, and only to Itsuki. They do, however, understand all sentences given to them.

Itsuki can summon:

1 Matriarch Bee
10 Queen Bees
Between 100 and 1000 Worker Bees.

They are not all directly under his control, but will obey him and recognize him as their master. When not under his control they will go about pollinating flowers and will never sting anyone. The Matriarch Bee cannot be controlled by Itsuki but she recognizes that he is her superior and will obey any rational command he gives, usually.

Weakness: While the bees are useful in many ways, they are not at all suited to combat and they are mostly used to keep Itsuki company or tend to his multitudinous flower gardens. (And underlined stuff)

@@@@@This is no longer Itsuki's Bloodline, instead, is a Secret Clan technique.@@@@@

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Re: Shinkouteki Hachi no Kashou - Secret Clan Technique

Post by Garasu Sunakorosu on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:29 am

Garasu Sunakorosu
Garasu Sunakorosu

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