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Kiba Gureimori (Sousuke's Mate, NPC)

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Kiba Gureimori (Sousuke's Mate, NPC) Empty Kiba Gureimori (Sousuke's Mate, NPC)

Post by Foxeh on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:08 pm

Name: Kiba Gureimori
Nickname/Alias: Fang of the Gray Forests

Age: 23
Age Appearance: 20

Appearance: Depending on the stage of his bloodline Kiba maye be anything from a human to an anthropomorphic animal. As a human he has a muscular build. His skin is a tanned golden shade due to his strong distaste of clothes. His muscular body is generally left uncovered unless he's in a public area. Within public areas Kiba will usually wear a black robe that can be removed easily so as not to interfere with a transformation.

His Right Arm has two tattoos, one on his upper arm near the shoulder depicting his scythe, and one on his forearm used for summoning his wolves. On his back he has a pair of seals with the Kanji for Wing in them. These allow him to grow and use a pair of demonic looking wings. As well as these is the birthmark on his right temple that allows clan transformations.

Apart from these are his transformations, a wolf and an anthropomorphic Wolf. The anthro-wolf stands at roughly the same height with a slight increase in musculature. His eyes turn from a usual sapphire blue to a paler blue. His body is covered in a white fur and he grows a single white tail that increases balance in his new slightly bent posture.

His full feral form is that of a white wolf. His feral form has one major difference, five tails instead of one. This is due in part to his strong bond with the demon his clan sealed within him at birth, Houkou.

Gender: Male

Rank: Clan Leader
Ninja Rank: Jounin

Village: Konoha
Birthplace: Forests in Land of fire
Previous Village: Konoha

Clan/Bloodline: Kyouhoninu

Personality: Generally snobby in his youth Kiba used to think he was above all others. recently he has begun to realize he is more beneath others than he would think. Most of the time his demeanor is a calm and placid, relaxed person due to Houkou's usual personality of calmness.

Goals: End war one way or another
Alignment: Akatsuki/nuetral

Canon Personality: Minato Namikaze

Kiba was born into a clan with high expectations. His father was dead at his birth and due to a clan tradition that passed a demon named “Houkou” down through the clan leader's firstborn line. His Father, being the previous owner of Houkou, was killed in the extraction of the demon like his father and those before him. Kiba was told that this would be his fate as well. The clan trained him from the time he was old enough to walk to use his bloodline abilities. By the age of six he was considered a prodigy in the clan.

His clansmen looked on him with a mixture of jealousy and inspiration as he learned to control his feral transformation. He was, to them, terrifying and yet strangely peaceful. He had an odd, calm rage swirling about him even as a child. One noteable thing about this child however was that the clan's hair was usually a gray color close to that of their wolfen transformations but Kiba's was white like Houkou's. Eventually Kiba was sent to Konoha to be put through Academy training.

During his academy training Kiba was subject to teasing due to his white hair and puppy-like qualities. He came off as average to his classmates not wanting to excell and give them another reason to tease him. He often sat quietly in the back of the room waiting for the class to be over. For him classes were a formality of his clan. They were perfectly capable of teaching him but in order to be recognized as a true ninja they were required to use the village's schooling.

On his first missions the usual track the lost cat, take the trash out, run this errand, run that errand became too monotonous and Kiba began skimping the missions because he felt like he should have been put on greater missions. Eventually the academy exams came up and Kiba passed them like many of the other students. He was assigned to a genin team with three of his classmates and a village Jounin from his clan. It was a welcome change for the moment.

Soon though Kiba was forced back into the lower ranked missions. This was not as welcome as the jounin had thought it would be with Kiba. When Kiba began to shirk responsibilities again his clansmen informed him that if he wasn't able to achieve Jounin by 15 he would lose his place in the clan. This of course scared Kiba back to working within the monotonous daily life of his shinobi squad. Eventually the missions progressed into the harder range of the scales and the squad leader noticed that while his teamates seemed to be slowing in their growth Kiba seemed to be taking leaps and bounds ahead of them.

The Jounin eventually put them into the Chuunin exams. Kiba at this point was still in the dark about Houkou. That would be changed soon. Halfway through the Chuunin exams their team encountered another group with far more experience as a whole then themselves. A battle ensued over their scrolls and the outcome left Kiba's team mates near death and Kiba himself barely able to stand. In a fit of rage Houkou overtook Kiba and propelled him at his enemies changing his body to it's anthropic form and releasing wave after wave of energy shears at the other group. His instructor intervened pulling Kiba from the chunin exams as well as his team.

When Kiba questioned him as to why he had pulled them from the exams his instructor only replied that they were due for another lesson. Kiba was surprised when he was pulled from the team and sent back to his clan instead. He was trained by his clan to control Houkou as well as they could have taught him. Eventually after close to a year of training his clan decided that they had trained him as best they could and they sent him back to his team hoping this time he would be prepared for the Chuunin exams.

This time at the Chuunin exams, with the previous year's groups gone, Kiba's team was able to blaze through the Chuunin exams and complete them earning the title “Chuunin” themselves as so many had before them. The team was dispersed and reformed with other members to better fit a nin group together. Kiba's new group wasn't much different from his old one. One member of his previous group was in his new one while the other two were replace with a Hyuuga and an Aburame. His team seemed rounded out well enough. A tracker, sensor, long range/capturer and a medical kunoichi put together with a jounin for leadership.

The team had several missions all higher levels than their previous missions which fell short of Kiba's expectations. These missions were a welcome break from the monotonous low ranked missions he had been subjected too. He often found himself wishing the missions would be tougher than they were but couldn't complain since they paid well enough. Over time though this monotony proved too much for Kiba and again he began shirking.

After a few missions the jounin he had been paired with recommended him for Jounin exams and he gladly accepted. Before the exams his instructor gave him a good luckcharm he had been working on, a pair of tattoos that would allow him to grow wings. The exams took place on the eve of his fifteenth birthday which put him in an anxious position. His life hinged upon this exam. He entered the building with the village jounin and took the exam being sure to make every move as carefully as he could to ensure his success. At the end of the day however, it was not enough and he was denied the promotion on a basis that he was unwilling to work with a team.

Though he tried to contest this he was denied and his clan soon found out about his failure. With a sudden decision that he would never amount to the greatness of his ancestors he was banished from his clan's area and eventually forsaken by his mother. Depressed and out of place he abandoned the village with nothing but the clothes on his back. He spent his first year hiding from the head hunters before moving out of the land of fire.

Over the next five years he spent much of his time in the forested wildernesses on the outskirts of hidden sound. He met an oddity of nature in his travels, a white wolf pup that had been abandoned by it's mother. Kiba assumed this wolf was abandoned due to it's lack of camouflage in the green forested area but would never know for sure. He decided to take pity on the wolf and brought him along with him training him to hunt and work in tandem with Kiba. After several years Kiba found himself in Sunagakure along with the rest of the Missing-nins that had left their villages.

RP Sample:
Sousuke watched the events unfolding and began laughing uncontrollably. As he laughed the purple aura dispersed and a white one replaced it. Byaku and Kuro both cocked their heads looking at Sousuke. Sousuke's laughter tapered off to an uneasy chuckle. “Oh I am so fucked.” he said with a blissful smile. He sat up flicking the scab off of his thumb and smearing the blood over the lowest Kanji on his right arm. “Byaku, Kuro get back to the pack.” Sousuke muttered.

The dual headed wolf barked and disappeared with a burst of smoke. “Oi Riku...” Sousuke yelled. “You guys go ahead without me. If I don't catch up in an hour....disappear.” As Sousuke spoke the kanji on his arm turned blood red with the box containing them taking a diseased black tone to it. “Oh Head Hunter....You seem to be Ame's new 'weapon'...Do you wanna know what they do when a weapon gets replaced?” Sousuke's face reflected the pain of the reason he left the village. “They take them apart to stitch them to the other failures to make their next weapon.” Sousuke ripped his shirt open revealing the glowing tattoo on his chest.

It pulsed with a sick glow of a mixture of red, green, blue and white. In the center of it a yellow glow shimmered faintly. “Would you like to speak to your predecessors? They're right here...” Sousuke indicated his tattoo. He watched the looming skeletal figure and smiled. At long last it would be over. There was no way he could kill a sharingan user and escape. Most likely he'd be dead in a few minutes and he'd welcome the freedom there. “Do you really want to take me back to the village so they can dismantle me? Well that's fine but you'll have to do me a favor I'm not going through that alive...” Sousuke began chuckling to himself again as chakra built in his arm. “And if I'm gonna die I'm gonna take your ass with me!” he screamed slamming his palm to the ground.

Time stood still as chakra and adrenaline coursed through his system. One heart beat passed, the summoning rights branches in eight directions forming the medium for the summon. The second heart beat passed, the kanji glowed red. The third heart beat thundered with the form of the wolf appearing and standing just in front of Sousuke. “Bye bye...” he muttered in a haze. The wolf flexed in the few seconds Sousuke's mind was grinding through the eternity that was that moment. It's tails flicked back and forth aggressively in the air dispersing the smoke as fast as it came. “Houkou....the big one.” The wolf's whisper reached his mind as it sped back to reality. “You're the most troublesome human I know.” Sousuke just chuckled as the strain of the summon hit hard.

The large black wolf snarled as its tails glowed with the five elemental chakras building in them. In a few seconds the energies climaxed pulsing from the wolf's tails to its nose before discharging into a large blast at Yaguri. Sousuke winced as his arm burned with the summon rites beginning to reverse.

Skill Specialty
Dominant: Tracking/Senses
Recessive: Intelligence, Chakra Control

Elemental Affinity
Dominant: Earth
Recessive: Water

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Kiba Gureimori (Sousuke's Mate, NPC) Empty Re: Kiba Gureimori (Sousuke's Mate, NPC)

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:51 pm


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