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Sousuke's Fox Npcs

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Sousuke's Fox Npcs

Post by Foxeh on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:06 pm

Name: Byakko
Age: 5 years (Estimated 4 by character)
Gender: Male
Rank: D
Appearance: Byakko is a small white fox the Sousuke befriended.
Personality: Byakko is naturally inquisitive and friendly but in fights usually gets scared and runs off to remain safe. If cornered he will fight generally displaying a mild chakra cloak as a defense to seem threatening. He is usually content to perch on Sousuke’s shoulder.

History: Sousuke found this fox out in the rain near death. After a few hours of carefully pouring chakra into its body he managed to strengthen it for the most part until it was able to survive on its own. After the night was over Byakko was following Sousuke around like a lost puppy. Sousuke was of course delighted to have the company and let the small fox tag along with him. After nearly losing the fox again in a fight Sousuke developed a way to defend the fox.

With a lot of practice Sousuke became able to force his chakra into Byakko to give him a defensive chakra cloak of both his and Sousuke’s chakra. With more practice Sousuke became able to do this quickly while in contact with Byakko. With this ability Sousuke has become able to ensure Byakko doesn’t get dragged into his fights.

Specialty: Chakra Intuned
Elements: N/A

Goals: N/A

Name of Jutsu: Chakra Blast (unnamed)
Rank: B
Range: Close
Type of Jutsu: Ninjutsu
Users: Byakko
Element Affinity: N/A
Training Link: N/A

Description: Byakko gains a chakra cloak from sousuke to begin this technique. After Byakko breaks contact he has roughly two full posts to discharge the chakra or it becomes absorbed by his system. If he discharges the technique it forms a spike shaped blast directly in front of Sousuke that is capable of major force but not much damage.

Weakness: ….moving? Technique will gather giving the target a second or two to realize and move. Can only be used once per battle/topic

Name: Zurui
Age: Unknown close to 500 years possibly older
Gender: Male
Rank: C
Appearance: Zurui takes the appearance of a black fox with nine tails that have a gentle fade from black fur to white fur at the end of the tails. It's eyes are awkward, having a blue sclera with a yellow Iris, the pupil is black. It has a toned body of a fox and is pretty much just that, a wierd anomalous nine tailed immortal fox >.>

Personality: Zurui has the curiosity of a fox with the mental comprehension of a human. It is essentially a miniature Nine-tails minus the massive chakra reserve.

History: Zurui was created along with 8 other animals to house Juubi's chakra. Zurui was part of a pair of foxes that were created by Rikudou Sennin to house the largest part of Juubi's chakra. When it came down to the final injection Zurui's body remained unchanged while it's twin; Kyuushi, reacted in the manner Rikudou had been looking for. His body had enlarged with the massive chakras and Rikudou sealed the fox within a massive shrined box which was sent to what became the Land of Fire.

Zurui however was left within the cage to whatever fate would have happened upon him. Over the years the silence was deafening to him and he pased the time listening to the reverberating sound of his voice until the day Sousuke entered the library. From that point on he has been content to follow Sousuke.

Specialty: Due to his injection of chakra Zurui has formed a psychic bond with Kyuubi which allows him to know in which direction Kyuubi is. This is limited to a straight-ahead directionality and cannot guide him through complex turns to find the bijuu. this is weakened to being within 10 miles of the Jinchuuriki is the nine-tails is sealed within a host.
Elements: N/A

Goals: n/a

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Re: Sousuke's Fox Npcs

Post by Tokoyame Tsuki on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:48 pm


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