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Sousuke Unagai (Ame's Leader)

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Sousuke Unagai (Ame's Leader) Empty Sousuke Unagai (Ame's Leader)

Post by Foxeh on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:55 pm

Name: Sousuke Unagai
Nickname/Alias: Sou/Shiro

Age: 23

Age Appearance: 23
Appearance: Sousuke Unagai (Ame's Leader) ThCalmandCool

Sousuke has a pair of scars down his chest forming an x over his chest. As well as this he has two tattoos on his body, the first is on his chest That controls his Chakras and KKG, the second is on his left arm near the shoulder Tattoo application that allows him to take the form of a white wolf. This technique gave him his nickname of Shiro.

Gender: Male

Rank: S
Ninja Rank: Leader

Village: Amegakure
Birthplace: Amegakure
Previous Village: N/A

Clan/Bloodline: Seigyokijutsu, Kyouhoninu

Personality: Sousuke has a cool and calculative side generally. He has been known to be a bit rash and temperamental but usually remains playful and fun with a secretive underside of thinking out everything.

Goals: Punishment of the Ninja world for creating him, then shunning him as a failed experiment
Alignment: nuetral/bad

Canon Personality: Kakashi, Some other calm character

Birth and development arc

Sousuke was conceived outside of conventional means to make him better suited to take the seigyoki kekkei genkai. Through a lot of experimentation and genetic mutations Sousuke was finally conceived and hailed as a marvel of science by Amegakure’s research team. Through the development of his body Sousuke was injected with small amounts of steroids to force his body to mature quicker than normal. For all intents and purposes he was meant to be a soldier.

When his body was fully formed they began the slow process of placing the tattoo on him. The process was long and arduous taking three weeks to properly connect the tattoo to the chakra systems before connecting it to the Chakra crystals. With the crystals and tattoo in place the research team sat back and waited. Four years later Sousuke was undergoing more tests. He had been brought up on controlled diets and schedules up until this point. At four he was taught of chakras and controlling them outside of a regular ninja academy.

This disconnection from peers caused Sousuke’s mind to invent personas which he could play with and talk to. They were modeled after those he interacted with on a regular basis. Until he was five he had only three personalities in his mind. These were an intelligent and patient man who referred to himself as Shuuhei. As well as this he had a childish persona named Indenki who constantly lost his temper and behaved without thinking. As well as these he had his main personality which was the quiet boy who did as he was told and tolerated everything thrown at him.

When he was five years old Sousuke was trained to use his Seigyokijutsu. He began training day and night to be able to moved boulders. His training encompassed fire manipulation and water physics. By the time he was six years old he was able to fully access his techniques. He had very minimal control over these but he could perform them on command to please the research team. Soon after his sixth birthday he was given a second tattoo that allowed him to take the form of a wolf.

It took a few weeks to get the hang of it but he began to notice a change to his personality as a wolf. He felt a cut off depression as though not being outdoors every waking minute was slowly killing him. He had become a genin level ninja by the time he was seven years old. He was placed with a sensei and a pair of genin who had just graduated the academy. They were roughly two years older than him and looked down on him a lot.

Genin Arc

Sousuke’s sensei tried his best to make Sousuke feel like he belonged but deep down Sousuke knew that he was trying to hide the fact that Sousuke was unnatural and didn’t fit in at all. His anti-social tendencies made him close to hated by his squad members. During their third mission however it was made clear that Sousuke was not much of a team player. Indenki had gained an upper hand to his suppression. He burst from the position they were to maintain and charged forward succeeding in blowing their cover and getting himself knocked unconscious.

When he woke up his sensei was standing over him and he could feel a sharp pain in his chest. His sensei had managed to pull Sousuke from the field while his team retreated but not without consequence. Sousuke’s chest now bore a pair of large cuts. He went before a review board afterwards and it was decided that while he was too valuable to destroy he was too unstable to leave on a team. After a long deliberation it was decided that the leader of Amegakure coupled with the Research team would tutor Sousuke until he reached jounin level.

Training commenced the next day and he was pushed to his limits over and over. He was forced to carry larger amounts of stress. He was given powerful anti –psychotics to balance his mind up. During these horribly clear moments however Sousuke often retreated to his house and remained in his wolf form. For whatever reason he felt slightly better as an animal compared to the hell he was forced to live as a human.

Chuunin exam arc

After roughly seven months of training he was reinstated with his squad for the chuunin exams. To his sensei’s surprise he had actually surpassed his team mates at the age of 8. It was a simple exam testing their ability to think under pressure. Their second exam was over their ability to gather information under strenuous circumstances. Their third exam was a demonstration of skills through combat. Sousuke of course drew plenty of attention to the proctors with his unseen abilities.

Their squad passed the exams with little problem and once they were done Sousuke was withdrawn again. He was given full reign of his life for the moment. By the time he was nine he had accomplished several missions most would not have believed he could have. After a while however, he began to notice changes in those around him. He noticed fear, hatred, and disgust. It wasn’t hard for him to figure why either.

Advancement to Jounin

Sousuke lived for several years slipping under the radar of his village. He took missions as they came for the money but was otherwise un noticed. By the age of 15 he was brought to the leader without explanation. Upon arriving he was told he would be made a Jounin in a week and given an apartment outside of the laboratory he had grown up in. It didn’t take long for Sousuke to move in and after a week he was settled in and taking care of himself. His apartment was bare with the exception of a futon mattress covered in white fur.

Abandoning reason

Several more years passed before Sousuke turned 21 and had progressed considerably. He was able to use more than one element at once and felt proud of this fact. The research team that raised him announced he had a student to teach. When he questioned who and was told that it was a second generation of him Sousuke grew more out of it. His behavior changed nearly immediately. Within a few days he had become a recluse within his apartment at the thought that he would be forced to teach an awkward child how to live, breath, act, and fight. His mind refused what his programming had accepted and within a week he began teaching the kid.

Months passed before his would be prodigy reached his full potential. The child was barely 3 years younger than he was himself. Sousuke's only true training with the child was working with his elemental training. Other than that they trained and studied basic combat and weapon prowess.

With the child seen only as a huge expense the research team mark the experiment as a failure. They saw it as a failure as Sousuke was the pinnacle of the experiment and it had taken close to twenty years for both to grow to their peak. This was seen as a failure mainly due to the amount of time and effort put into one soldier and it was seen that they could not ever mass produce their army. To disguise their failure and ensure that no other village could get a hold of the research the labs were destroyed and Sousuke was placed in Black ops where he could be watched closely and controlled. After realizing this Sousuke quickly made plans and disappeared from the village without a word or trace. Several miles from the village a tunnel was found that was made with chakra and it was assumed he had created it to escape.

Sousuke was long gone by the time that the village had caught on and had concealed his scent with his wolf tattoo enabling him to simply slip away without much of a trace. For several months he lived on his own never staying in the same spot more than one night. He was able to create caves to hide in at night while surviving off of the land. He was spotted several times and chased but always managed to slip away without his pursuers finding him.

RP Sample: Made as an rp contest entry a few months ago but it should work
Kisuke sat atop Madara Uchiha\'s head at the valley of the end. \"I suppose it\'s time to ask.\" he muttered bringing his hand to his lips and extending his thumb to meet his teeth. He bit down drawing blood from his thumb and brought his bleeding appendage to his forehead drawing a bloodseal. Inside his head the scenery cleared in an instant and it fell white and a single figure stood amongst the rippling whiteness of his thoughts. he materialized next to this man who bore the Rin`negan and a necklace of six Tomoe chained to a piece of leather.

his voice was soft and stable echoing from his body with a surreal strength about it. \"Why am I here? Shunsui held the contract not you.\" Kisuke received a sharp glare which felt as though it could have made Kyuubi himself run in terror. \"I received this contract from Shunsui of Amegakure. He sounded panicked in his letter so i would hazard a guess he is either dead or will be soon. However...Rikudou Sennin, Shuuhei. I would like a little chat with you.\" Kisuke\'s arms crossed and his chakra flared as Shuuhei shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

\"Understandable you would be curious of your origins, as anyone would. The problem lies in your eagerness to trust me.\" Shuuhei\'s hand flew forward to Kisuke\'s chest. And his tone dropped to the deadly end of it\'s range. \"You\'re a bit new to my contract fool so I\'ll clue you in. I\'m not here to be your friend i am here because some one put my soul into a summoning contract.\"

Kisuke took a step closer pushing Shuuhei\'s arm back so his hand rested on both of their chests. His chakra flared and the room they stood in turned black with his rage. \"I\'m not a child and I would appreciate you treating me better than such.\" his voice was subtle but near the levels Shuuhei had used minutes ago. \"Now then, I do believe I said I wanted to chat.\"

Shuuhei smirked as the room rippled once more. This time it grew scenery and trees. a small house in the distance rushed forward and grew to be a mansion. the doors flung open and three men walked out of the mansion followed by a small girl. the man in the middle of the pack bore the rin`negan and instantly his features became visible. his hair was black and spiky and his face soft and peaceful on the surface. Shuuhei spoke once more to Kisuke. \"You wanted to chat about the lines of Uchiha and Senju.\" the boy on Shuuhei\'s left opened his eyes revealing the sharingan.

Kisuke was a little caught off guard and walked towards him. Shuuhei\'s voice issued from the Rin`negan wielder and thundered through the area \"Daisuke.\" he shouted. The Uchiha nodded and took off running and gripping a sword. in one fell swoop he swung the sword leveling a good sized area of trees before leaping over their falling trunks. Daisuke followed through blowing a huge fireball and burning it to a crisp. he landed amidst the burning husks shadowed in a fiery chakra. Kisuke recognized to horrible chakra immediately. Behind him now Shuuhei muttered a name, \"Kiyoshi...\" The young man standing next to him now leaped and formed several handseals before a torrential rain came over the area dousing the flames and his brother.

Daisuke turned to his brother and growled. \"Dammit Kiyoshi can\'t ya see i was trying to look cool here!?\" Shuuhei smirked and the rain stopped as Kiyoshi landed. \"Maybe if you were actually cool you wouldn\'t have to work so hard huh?\" Kiyoshi sounded peaceful and a bit laid back as he spoke. he smiled flicking his dark black hair back while it was wet. He turned back to his father and the small girl behind him. \"Yusa, you ok?\" Kiyoshi smiled glancing around Shuuhei as his younger sister smiled at him. She nodded and Shuuhei spoke to Kisuke again.

\"You\'re ancestors,\" He stated. \"Daisuke, you\'re Uchiha ancestor. he would go on to form the great Uchiha clan. My decision only affirmed a bloody hatred for his brother. and Kiyoshi, the Senju leader. He was the Man to whom i entrusted all of my dreams. His thought was that love and understanding would lead to true peace. He was the idealistic choice for my successor. However that choice would turn my sons against each other.\" Shuuhei walked around the scene which had paused for his explanation. his palm settled on the youngest of the three, Yusa. \"You may be wondering who this pretty girl is.\" Shuuhei smiled nostalgically. \"Yusa was my daughter. Shortly after this day she would be asked to marry the leader of a clan in what would become Amegakure. She would go on to create the line which made my own prodigy. Nagato.\"

Kisuke\'s eyes widened in surprise as Shuuhei spoke. the scenery shifted again to Amegakure. \"You wanted the full story. Right? Well here it is. My three children were scattered in their individual missions to revive my dream. As they grew up and raised their respective children time passed and the five great nations were established. the hatred born from my decision led to the day Uchiha Madara was born.\" the scenery flickered to the Valley of the End. \"Madara and Hirashima, The greatest of their time in their respective clans, They fought here over politics. they each wanted to be the Hokage and once more a battle ensued over who was the strongest of my children.

Kisuke nodded and the scenery shifted to a dark room above Amegakure. A man in a red swirl mask stood speaking softly to a Rin`negan user. Shuuhei picked up where he left off. \"After all of that Madara went on to take command of Nagato and use him towards his own ends. We all know where this led too. But now from what Shunsui has told me i have a third prodigy. Dark Yamikaze.\" Shuuhei\'s eyes narrowed in on the Rin`negan user near the masked man. His attention turned to Konan behind Pein. \"One way or another She bore his child. My legacy lived on through this girl.\" Kisuke watched the scenery flash again to reveal Konan holding twins. \"One of these two would father Dark, the other would father Shunsui.\" Kisuke stood in utter silence watching these scenes play out.

Shuuhei turned to Kisuke once more. \"As I\'m sure you are aware there were two more of your ancestors who fought. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. this cataclysmic battle made your line possible. Sasuke went on to father three children of his own before he passed.\" The scenery flickered hazily to a dark bedroom where the sounds of babies crying could be heard along with the soft voice of a mother attempting to quiet them. \"Your line start with one of these three. Although Sasuke did his very best to shield them from the darkest of the Uchiha secrets when he passed they delved into his history. they found information on their greatest powers and their darkest consequences.\"

\"In the end though none of them had the power to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan thanks to their father. This line continued for years after and after no more than one generation you were conceived. Seven were born and only six were Uchiha. You apparently were the odd man out. Having no Sharingan your brothers exiled you with the name Senju as a reminder that you could never be one of them. Shuuhei waited as this clicked in Kisuke\'s mind. \"I\'m afraid the world has a twisted sense of humor. For granting me the power of a god it cursed my line to forever kill themselves off. Uchiha killed it\'s brothers and sisters and Senju helped them along.\"

The scenery shifted to the outskirts of Konoha. \"This is where most of it happened.\" As Shuuhei spoke the sun drifted quickly back across the sky seeming to drag time back with it. Bodies piled up and rotting corpses regrew flesh and muscle. in the midst of all this battles were being waged every day and every night bodies were added to this pile. \"This is probably your fate as well. You and your brother will fight. and at some point you may even win.\" Kisuke for the first time took a long look at Shuuhei\'s robe. Shuuhei looked down at his robe then back up to Kisuke\'s stare. \"Recognize it?\" He asked.

Kisuke nodded still watching closely. Shuuhei spoke once more. \"I\'m a little surprised you would recognize it. I organized this with Shunsui.\" the Robe Shuuhei wore bore a small circle over his chest. in the circle a flowery coat of arms from a Pai Sho piece named, The White Lotus. \"For quite a few years now we have been working in the background. Underground stuff like akatsuki. After my last little prodigy\'s dealing with Akatsuki I decided it was time to intervene. Dark it seems has become part of Akatsuki and I\'m afraid i can not allow that to go unchallenged.\" Shuuhei turned towards Konoha once more. \"My sons have fought long enough and i do believe it\'s time i ended this.\" He said staring blankly at the sixth head on Hokage Mountain. \"Naruto.\" he murmured

Kisuke\'s mind was almost a blur while Shuuhei spoke. he had recieved word of that organization but had no clue if it was real or myth. \"Shuuhei, do you still believe Kiyoshi was the best choice?\" Kisuke appeared lost in thought at this point. \"The best? Maybe not the best but the clearest choice. If i had chosen Daisuke and followed the birthright there would have been slaughter in the name of peace. The fighting that would have ensued from that would have put into question who exactly would have been strong enough to rule that world.\"

\"Kiyoshi and Yusa on the other hand. They were the best choices. Kiyoshi was strong but believed in understanding all the people. Yusa was too young when I left so I entrusted her to her brother. Upon my death Daisuke attacked Kiyoshi in rage. Kiyoshi of course repelled his brother without killing him and a horrible blood feud was started.\" Kisuke nodded thoughtfully. \"Unfortunately my time is up here so I will speak to you again soon.\" Shuuhei gently faded from Kisuke\'s thoughts which rippled softly back to a dull gray. \"We will speak again soon enough.\" he muttered.

Kisuke returned to this area a few days later questions burning in his mind. \"We\'ll try something different this time.\" Kisuke formed a few handseals and a clone appeared in front of him. the clone bit his thumb and brought the blood to his chest drawing an eight point eternal star. As the clone finished the ring around that seal the clones eyes went blank, as though it had died, before flickering a royal purple and revealing the Rin`negan. \"Shuuhei, I need to know now. What exactly is the Order of the White Lotus?\" Kisuke looked to the clone who seemed lost in thought.

\"The Order was something entrusted to me. Long ago. They resolved huge threats from behind the scenes with secret Militia. Kisuke nodded and looked to the water which Shuuhei had begun staring at. he reached down and touched the water which collected in a small valley in the top of the statue. The rippling water took shape and colors similar to a tv screen and began playing out a scene. an army robed in purple with the same white lotus shuuhei bore over their shoulders fought through a great city.

\"In the darkest of the world\'s hours we rise to resolve these complications. Through time we\'ve weathered the toughest of battles and if you look at the bottom of this waterfall. you\'ll see we were here when Hirashima and Madara fought.\" Kisuke nodded but pointedly brought Shuuhei back to the topic. \"You still have not answered what they are today.\" Kisuke said staring deeply into the puddle which showed a blazing comet reddening the skies as the order fought.

\"The Order now, the one Shunsui was grandmaster of, works behind the scene to try and clear up conflicts before they blossom to full-blooded wars.\" Shuuhei looked up from the puddle at Kisuke. \"I can give you the names of a few of the members now. The ones Shuneui told me of anyway. Unagai, Sousuke. He is the second Grandmaster of this generation. His brother Tonsui is his pupil. Kyuushi Shuuhei is the third Grandmaster but from what i have heard she has been attacked. There are many members spanning the globe but not many know they exist anymore.\" Shuuehi sighed heavily and the puddle darkened. \"Yamikaze, Dark...\"

\"Years ago, at the start of the fourth ninja war...Shuuhei there was talk about your legacy.\" Kisuke looked to the other man. \"Dark things concerning you were said.\" Shuuhei\'s face seemed lost in thought. \"Things were done that you could barely comprehend Kisuke.\" Shuuhei\'s voice dropped it\'s tone before he continued.

\"In my time the world feared one thing. a monster. similar in it\'s qualities to Kyuubi but more devestating than all. Juubi.\" Kisuke\'s face reflected utter shock as shuuhei spoke. \"In order to break this monster of it\'s destructive capabilities i sealed it within myself. I became the vessel for it\'s chakras. The moon you see above us at night is the truest reflection of it\'s power. There is only one place on earth that still bears the mark of that behemoths wrath.\" Shuuhei touched the water again showing a huge over veiw of Amegakure.

\"This is where the sealing occurred. Heh used to be a lake here.\" Shuuhei smiled briefly as the scene seemed to rewind backwards endlessly. Finally it stopped and Shuuhei dipped his finger into it before touching Kisuke\'s forehead and muttering something Kisuke couldn\'t understand. Shuuhei stood up and said, \"Right lets go back now.\" With a single step he fell into the water gripping Kisuke as he went. Both fell backwards in time landing on a small island in the middle of a huge lake.

\"This is where it happened, more specifically, when it happened.\" Shuuhei pointed to a large figure quite a bit away from them. water rose and fell violently around the figure as a man carrying a staff dodged devastating swipes of it\'s claws. After a while Kisuke watched the man jump up and tamp nine of Juubi\'s tails with his staff. at this point things got interesting. \"The seals were put in place and my math had been done correctly and here was the outcome.\" The beast roared in either pain or anger as the seals glowed on it\'s body.

Kisuke seemed intrigued as the sealing activated. an all too familiar statue rose from the depths of the water. \"Gedo mazo...\" Kisuke muttered. Shuuhei smiled and nodded. \"My greatest work. Watch\" Kisuke watched as shuuhei\'s younger self landed beneath the statue. Sthe statue came to life at that moment and a large black rod shot from it into shuuhei\'s body. Shuuhei winced sitting next to Kisuke. \"Even now i still remember the sheer pain of those rods.\" The mouth of the statue opened and ten dragons flew out of it\'s maw as ten people appeared on the fingers of the statue.

\"Who are-\" Kisuke was cut off as shuuhei started again. \"The original Akatsuki. Red Dawn was originally my plan to rid the world of Juubi. That ide a became perverted when Madara came along. Those you see on Gedo Mazo now became the original six paths of Rikudou sennin.\" Kisuke continued watching as the dragons slammed into Juubi. An echoing scream came from the statue. Shuuhei\'s body flexed dangerously as the chakra from the beast poured into his body.

After a few hours Juubi\'s body fell to the ground lifeless. Shuuhei\'s body fell limp and the statue\'s Ten men fell off. Four of the men simply disintegrated from the act while the other six were simply dead. The rods embedded in Shuuhei\'s back branched off embedding themselves in the bodies of of the six men. The scenery flickered once to a few hours later when all six paths stood and surrounded the body of Juubi. Shuuhei stood to the side literally glowing with chakra. all six of the paths laid hands on Juubi\'s body which blackened drawing in water and surrounding earth. Shuuhei himself stood and began walking away while the body of Juubi gently rose into the air.

The scene faded and Kisuke found himself on the statues once more. \"So...it\'s true, Akatsuki means to revive Juubi.\" Shuuhei nodded solemnly. \"The order is in place to prevent it. but it seems my line is doomed to be entangled within Juubi\'s destiny for eternity.\" Shuuhei sigh and looked up to the sky to see the moon\'s outline cast against the night sky. \"Kisuke you can\'t allow it to happen. I\'ll be in touch for now.\" Kisuke nodded and shuuhei\'s clone dispersed leaving Kisuke with more questions then he could comprehend.

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